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Justmusing Tue 13-Nov-18 14:13:41

So i am approx 7.5 weeks pregnant and due to circumstances we have decided to have a termination - marie stopes cannot see me till 26th of this month. However i have had zero symptoms - i have had 4 children and was severley sick (hyperemisis) and hospitalized on IV fluids from about 6 weeks onward. The only symptom i did have was sore nipples. On sunday night i started having cramps for about 2 hours, nothing too painful and i had a bit of brown discharge/blood and there was pink in it too - a bit like when you first come on your period, then it stopped. Last night i had a bit of cramping again for about 2 hours and had a tiny bit of browny discharge and nothing else. I had a blood test this morning at the docs as they want to see how the levels are doing and repeat thursday if necessary - praying this is the start of a miscarriage as its been such a hard choice sad

Bombardier25966 Tue 13-Nov-18 14:16:01

You're praying for a miscarriage? I hope you can understand how offensive that is to many of us that have lost babies through miscarriage.

SpunBodgeSquarepants Tue 13-Nov-18 14:21:27

Oh suck it up @Bombardier25966, I'm going through a missed miscarriage at the moment but it understand everybody's situations are different.

OP, may well be the start of a miscarriage - both my missed miscarriages presented themselves this way eventually. But then I spotted for a week whilst pregnant with my son and he turned out alright. I would say just try to keep your mind off it all and what happens happens - it's only a couple of weeks till your appointment.

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