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My experience with a repeat D&C

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Slizz01 Sat 10-Nov-18 10:57:19

I'm new to this site but just wanted to share my experience with anyone who is going through the same thing.
I found out I was pregnant even after just starting the pill and using protection (it happens). at 8 weeks we found out there was no heartbeat and no continuing growth so I was talked into either a "medical termination" or "surgical termination(D&C)". After doing a little research I decided the surgical option would suit me better as the medical option, you are given medication to induce contractions to expel the pregnancy. It was not something I wanted to go through.

So I got to the hospital and all the staff were lovely. I was asked to change in a gown then brought into theatre. Next I was woken up in recovery and didn't even know it was all done. I was moved into a lounge and was brought a sandwich and hot chocolate. I had minor cramping and was sent home shortly after.

Four days had passed and I had been bleeding everyday but only a moderate amount which was normal. On the fifth day, I had slightly more pains than normal and a short gush of bleeding which was heavier than a heavy period. It slowed down so I wasn't worried. I had continued to bleed light-moderate over the next two days then on day 7 I woke up in a puddle of blood. I went to the toilet and the blood started gushing out again only this time I had more cramping and it lasted a bit longer. I rang the hospital and was asked to come to A&E right away.

The hospital did a pelvic examination followed by an ultrasound and bloods. The US showed that I still had "retained product" in my uterus (pregnancy tissue) which was continuing to grow. My blood had a higher regnancy hormone level than what it should be after a D&C.

Basically my options were to take the medication to contract me uterus to expel the excess pregnancy or repeat D&C. As my blood pressure was so low, the Dr wanted to keep me in over night and attempt the me medical abortion prior to going ahead with the repeat D&C. I took the first dose and felt cramping but did not pass anything but light bleeding after 2 hours. Then another dose, this time pain was much worse. It felt like I was actually having contractions in labour (not that I have given birth before). Another 2 hours passed and still nothing had passed but moderate bleeding. I had another two doses and the pain was so intense that not even oxycodone helped. I managed to pass some tissue that was about 3cm wide and 4cm long that was dark jelly/blood looking. I had hoped that was it and I did not have to have the D&C the next day...

I was wrong sadly. The next morning I had another ultrasound which confirmed that there was still "retained product" due to the heart shape of my uterus. So I had to have the surgical termination again only this time under a general anaesthetic as apposed to a twilight sedation (still put to sleep). After the surgery I woke up feeling awful with a very strong chemical taste in my mouth, nose and throat. I had nausea and felt dreadful. I was brought back up to the ward to recover the rest of the afternoon. I was told it was 100% successful as they did the whole procedure under ultrasound guidance to ensure success and no risk of perforating the uterus etc.

I was finally discharged to go home after two days in hospital. I just wanted to explain my experience as I could not find much on what to expect after a surgical abortion on the internet and if I hadn't of phoned the hospital I most likely would have lost a lot more blood and got an infection. I also would not recommend the medical abortion method as it was SO painful and even passing the tissue was graphic enough let a lone a fetus! Sorry for the TMI I just want to share my experience and my heart goes out to you if you are going through this.

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