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How do you decide - heartwrenching choice

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AlpineButterfly Tue 23-Oct-18 13:36:12

I'm so so stuck and scared. My husband wants this baby, I want this baby but it's the worst timing and worst possible situation.

DH is a student and is just cutting his work down to PT hours, I work pt evenings. We're financially surviving but barely. We're in debt and when we transfer over to UC we will lose £60 per week despite our income dropping.

That said, in may DH will get his diploma and we'll be on the up again. He'll go from £8ph to approx £30+ per hour.

We have two boys already 21m and 9m. They're great. We don't struggle with them at all and they absolutely adore eachother.

DH would be completely against abortion yet I know a third in our situation is just going to be really really tough. My mum has been so supportive throughout DH being away to study and she will think I'm foolish.

lorisparkle Tue 23-Oct-18 13:45:20

I found the most expensive about having three children was the car. If you have two already and breast feed then a lot of purchases have already been bought. The other expenses of having three come later - holidays and days out usually for 4 not 5, extra out of school activities, extra more expensive purchases (e.g phones etc). Of course you will have to factor in extra child care but all this would come later when hopefully you are more settled. Of course I don’t know your personal circumstances so the decision has to be around what is best for your family and not what other people think.

faeriequeen Mon 29-Oct-18 08:27:45

It'll be tough but I think it's manageable. I'd try to think how you'll feel in a few years time. I'd imagine you'd be glad you'd had your third.

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