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Might I be refused?

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nuitdesetoiles Mon 01-Oct-18 14:07:03

Hello everyone,
I've not been on here for about 6 years so am a bit out of the loop with mumsnet but wondered if anyone had any advice.
2 amazing dcs 12 and 9, love being a mum to older kids family is complete. Through our own fault my mishap now have a positive pregnancy test and have made the decision after much soul searching to have a termination for multiple reasons.
I'm about 5.5 weeks. I attended nupas clinic today. They couldn't start treatment due to no evidence of yolk in gestational sack. Aside from sore breasts and frequent urination I have no other pg symptoms...No sickness, fatigue, insatiable hunger nothing.

However I was honest that id had a minor treated heart condition 25 years ago...when I was 19...I'm nearly 44, no symptoms since! They have booked me in next week for another scan and a possible medical termination but may refuse me on medical grounds...I wish I'd never told so distraught now! I have requested a gp letter to say all fine....

I have 2 questions...any advice if they do refuse me?
May I have a blighted ovum given lack of yolk and no pregnancy symptoms?

Thank you everyone.

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