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Babies NT (nuchal translucency) measures at 3.6mm, over the safe zone

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Nikolinax Sun 02-Sep-18 20:22:24

Hi everyone, this is my first pregnancy so I was hoping to get some advice and reassurance smile

I just had my dating scan and was told the babies NT measures at 3.6mm which is just slightly over the 'safe zone' as to speak, which is 3.5mm or less.
I've been told this means my baby has a higher risk of Down's syndrome and other conditions, and this being my first pregnancy it has worried me a bit and my mind is all over the place. I'm now doing a combined blood test and having to decide whether or not I want the amnio test done to be told 100%.
Im quite sensitive and emotional anyway and I can't stop thinking about it, which is why I'm leaning towards having the amnio to put mine and my partners mind at rest.
We are also considering paying to go private and get the NIPT blood test done too.

Has anyone gone through something similar that can share their experience with me please? It would help a lot as I feel quite alone in this :/
Thanks xx

newcamper Sun 02-Sep-18 20:28:15

Hi. I didn't experience this exactly but at 20 week scan was told baby was at risk of Edwards syndrome due to measurements and flexors etc. I was in a mess as didn't want to take risk of amnio. My mum ended up paying for a private 3D scan to check everything in detail. This was not 100 percent certain but put my mind at rest that he didn't have Edwards. I couldn't be sure until he was placed in my arms though. Just for the record, they also thought further on that he had Hypochondroplasia. Turns out he just had a big head (like his dad) and short legs (like me). I hope everything works out for you but it might be worth considering at private 3D scan through Nuffield or similar xxx

AlpacaRabbit Sun 02-Sep-18 20:40:19

I have had NIPT testing and have had a very good experience at the Fetal Medicine Centre in London. They can do the Harmony test and would also repeat the scan looking for additional markers which can alter risk significantly. I hope you are able to get some support and reassurance soon.

randomsabreuse Sun 02-Sep-18 20:42:27

I had a high risk DS result (bloods rather than nuchal translucency) and had a NIPT scan because it is easy (blood test) and no real risk. I was lucky that my trust have a deal with Serenity so they took the blood and gave it to me to post - Serenity just emailed for payment on receipt. Took from Monday bloods to Friday for results. We also decided to check sex. It's pretty well definitive if they can get enough foetal DNA from your blood but amnio is the gold standard.

If you can afford it I would definitely go for a NIPT test before an amnio.

Childrenofthesun Sun 02-Sep-18 20:47:37

Have the combined test first. My DC2's NT measured exactly the same - it is only just outside the normal range. I was pushed into the high risk category by having that measurement + a high HCG blood level + being in my mid-30s. An NT measurement of 3.6 by itself is not that significant.

Paradyning Sun 02-Sep-18 20:48:22

The Nuchal thickness needs to be taken into account with the blood results. Have you had the risk factor back yet?
It's such a shit test. The sooner the NHS bring in NIPT then better.
If I were you I would pay for NIPT before even contemplating an amino xx

Childrenofthesun Sun 02-Sep-18 20:48:33

Should add - DC2 was born perfectly healthy.

Nikolinax Sun 02-Sep-18 22:15:08

Thank you everyone for your replies, it really has made me feel better!
I think me and my partner will be paying for the NIPT blood test for some reassurance and if we still don't feel 100% happy with the result I think we will go ahead with the amnio as I have read a lot of good experiences from it smile
I'm only 24, and have always just wanted to be a mum and have children so to get this kind of news has worried me sick, including my partner.
I know I'm just stressing too much but just need some reassurance from the tests smile xx

Nikolinax Mon 03-Sep-18 15:59:20

Hi girls,
Just writing to let you know about my combined blood test results I received today.
It came back low risk
1/10,000 for Edwards and Patau
1/2,777 for DS

I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't go for the amnio test now, what do you think?

randomsabreuse Mon 03-Sep-18 17:28:01

Don't do the amnio. If you do want further reassurance (I wouldn't) do a NIPT test. Amnio carries some risk of miscarriage and with a low risk result few trusts would push for an amnio at this point.

Nikolinax Mon 03-Sep-18 17:53:00

Thank you for your advice, I'm thinking of just sticking with the nipt smile
It's just so hard to stop thinking and worrying once it's been planted in your head. X

Paradyning Mon 03-Sep-18 18:21:48

No way go for amnio!! If you are still worried go for NIPT.

Nikolinax Mon 03-Sep-18 21:29:44

Paradyning - I would go for the amnio but I'm scared of the 1% chance of miscarriage!
If I miscarry and the baby is fine I don't think I'll ever forgive myself

Paradyning Mon 03-Sep-18 21:54:27

Sorry I meant do not go for amnio for exactly that reason. Your scores are actually ok. NIPT will give you a much more confident result than the combined test.

Nikolinax Tue 04-Sep-18 07:54:17

ThNk you so much for your advice! I've really been in bits not knowing what to do ! Helps when I read comments on here! I think I will just stick with the nipt blood test smile will keep you updated smile xx

mayhew Tue 04-Sep-18 07:56:19

With those low risk results, I don't think any maternity unit would be willing to do an amnio.

Nikolinax Tue 04-Sep-18 08:30:10

Mayhew, Southend hospital is still offering me the amnio if I want it ! X

Jess1993 Thu 09-May-19 11:36:28


I’m almost 26, first baby and just had my dating scan, baby was wriggling lots, facial bones present, heartbeat was strong, brain and stomach looked normal but my NT was 3.6mm.

I found the midwife really gloomy about this and said chances are on the combined test I will show as high risk for a chromosomal abnormality and if it’s not this it could be a cardiac issue. They are referring me for diagnostic testing on receipt of screening result.

I just can’t help but feel negative. My partner is more upbeat and said I should relax, there’s no other risk factors, never smoked, healthy, BMI is ideal etc etc but it’s driving me crazy. Please any help or advice is welcomed xxx

Paradyning Thu 09-May-19 14:20:55

If you are able to, you could look at the harmony test which is a more specific test. Better than the nhs screening test and less invasive than a diagnostic test. They are about £500 though

Jess1993 Thu 09-May-19 14:35:47

Thank you. Midwife did mention this test this am as available privately if I wanted to pay instead of CVS if screening result is high.

I’m just panicking so much

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