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Medical Abortion at 9 weeks - experiences please

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TryingToThinkPositively Sun 02-Sep-18 17:55:46

I went to the clinic today expecting to have the 'same day' abortion, only to be told that I'm currently 9 weeks and 3 days meaning the pills will have to be taken 24hrs apart instead of all at once like I'd originally hoped for.

The lady in the clinic told me that because of the gestation, the clots will be quite big, and a result, it'll likely be very painful. I was also told that I have a higher chance of the termination failing and the pregnancy continuing because of how far gone I am, but I've opted to give the medical a shot as I'd like to avoid a surgical termination if possible.

Does anyone have any experience of having a medical abortion around the 9 week mark? I wasn't initially too worried about the pain until the lady pointed out that it could be quite bad.

The clinic is also an hours train journey from my house and I have no one to drive me there, so will be travelling via public transport which from what I've read, is advised against, but there's literally nothing else I can do.

If you had one around 9 weeks, how was the pain? Was it manageable? And how soon after inserting the pills did the pain start? I'm hoping to be home before the real pain kicks in, or at least, as close to home as possible!

Thanks ladies x

Eviann3 Fri 07-Sep-18 15:57:05

I had a medical termination earlier this year at 7+2 so not quite as far along as you.

What I will say is that everyone's experience is very different. Mine was extremely painful, but for a lot of women it is no worse than period cramping type pain.

I had the original tablet on the Wednesday, no issues whatsoever. When I went back for my second tablet the next day, I went at around 11am. I would STRONGLY suggest that you eat something in the morning, I didn't due to feeling so nervous and had zero appetite, and I massively regretted it.

They tell you take 3 x paracetamol and 3 x ibuprofen about an hour before the appointment. They will then give you some antibiotics to take and four pills to place into your gums that you hold there for half hour before swallowing them. You are allowed to go home within this time.

I wish I had eaten, I had a lot of pills on an empty stomach and felt more and more nauseas and vomited about an hour after I got home. Luckily I didn't have to go back for more tablets. I was then in a lot of pain, it brought on what I can only describe as contractions. This continued until I passed the pregnancy (about two hours later). When I passed the pregnancy the pain stopped immediately, though I bled a lot for about 3 weeks after.

Please don't be afraid. Mine was horrendous but it was only a few months ago, and although I still carry the emotional pain, you quickly forget the physical.

Take care. xx

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