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Pregnant and considering abortion..advice please!

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Bexsley Tue 21-Aug-18 19:54:45

Hi all. I have just found out that I am pregnant. I have a DD who has just turned three and a four month old dd as well. So if I went ahead the baby would be born when my youngest is 13 months.. i'll be honest and say my husband and I didn't want anymore children so this is a curve ball that neither of us expected. Suppose we are one of those cases of breast feeding and fooling around you hear about.

Obviously financially it wouldn't be great but we would live to the breadline. We'd have to change cars, holidays would be an issue etc, we wouldn't be able to afford childcare until the unborn was two so I'd have three kids at home Mondays/ Tuesdays and then two under a year (effectively) the rest of the time. Neither of us have any family to turn too so I'm on my own. Then there is the concern of the strain it would put on our relationship and is it fair to our other two children? Especially as one is so little. Then there is the question of being pregnant so soon after my last pregnancy? It was tough and I'm still having physio now to try and repair my spine. Has anyone else done this and lived to tell the tale?!

Then on the flip side it's a life and how could I say no? Especially when I think about abortion whilst holding my 4 month old baby. It's not the child's fault. And could I really go through with an abortion?? I dont
think I'm too far along, maybe 6 weeks.
I've booked into a bpas clinic for a consultation and a dating scan on Thursday. At the moment I think we are going ahead with an abortion which really tugs at my moral code.. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and is there any advice? How do people cope afterwards mentally? X

Muminlimbo Wed 26-Sep-18 00:36:29

I prefer to think of the decision as protecting the two children you have, as well as you, your husband, your relationship. What does he think?
It's hard decision, you've got time. Xx

Muminlimbo Wed 26-Sep-18 00:39:07

Just noticed the date, sorry. Hope you're doing okay

Bexsley Wed 26-Sep-18 08:38:57

Thank you. We are doing ok. My husband was pro abortion because he was worried about my health and the ability to look after the girls we have. You are right to think about it the way you suggested. We did go ahead and it's been hard for me to accept but I know if I take my heart out of it I would have given the same advice to other people. Just a sucky situation. X

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