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Medical termination - is this normal?

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isitnormal85 Thu 26-Jul-18 18:04:33

After coming to the very painful decision to terminate my pregnancy I went for a medical termination yesterday. I was 6 + 4 weeks.

I had the tablets on the same day and by 11am was home. I had cramping on and off and then at 4:30pm started bleeding lightly. I passed a few clots about the size of a £1 or 50p coin and the pain was really quite painful by then but soon calmed down again. I don’t think either of the clots were the actual pregnancy but I can’t be sure.

In total I’ve had nowhere near as much blood as I would have for a normal period and am a little concerned that it hasn’t worked, it’s been 32 hours since the tablets were inserted.

Is this normal? Has anyone had any experience they could share?

This was such a terrible decision in the first place and I’m not sure I could cope with it failing and having to go back to the clinic again.

SpongeAndBubbles Wed 01-Aug-18 17:37:35

The amount people bleed varies however as same day is lower rate of success there's no harm in ringing up, did they give you a phone number? Phone up and ask they may ask you to wait until you're supposed to take the pregnancy test

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