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stabletable Wed 04-Jul-18 23:41:43

Can I have your honest experiences with medical abortions please? I've got one booked for tomorrow afternoon and I'm so nervous, I've read horror stories online and I'm expecting the worst.. this decision was a hard enough one to make to begin with but hearing how traumatic the procedure itself can be is really playing on my mind I just want this to be over with already! Any advice welcome!

Cheeseandcrisps Thu 05-Jul-18 00:05:26

Hi op. Big hug to you its not an easy decision. It really does depend how far along you are. Everyones different. Not what you want to hear I know. You'll be at the facility so you will be looked after and made comftable.

KungFuFightingDancingQueen Wed 11-Jul-18 23:21:08

Hi, I'm so sorry to just read this. First of all sending you love through the is hard time, I have been there. I hope you are getting on as well as can be expected. If you want to talk I am there. And remember as this is something I wish someone had said to me at the time. All your feelings are valid x

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