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Medical abortion 6weeks

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jasminelayla Thu 14-Jun-18 21:32:01

Hi i would like to tell my story as other peoples were invaluable to me when going through this horrible time . So i was very shocked when i found out i was pregnamt sicky tired constant nausea . I spent alot of time going back and forth with my partner and made a appointment at bpas they told me 2 week wait just for consultation . I literally cried myself to sleep every night for the two weeks . When i got there i was prepared just to talk and i saw one nurse through the whole process and one nurse only she said they didnt provide the asleep surgical there . But i could have the awke surgical in two weeks again take one tablet that day and one wednesday or take both that day she said i coukd go away come back in a hour and decide i was full of tears again. I decide to take the tablet that day at the same time i opted for her to place for tablets vaginally . I rushed home as i was so scared i had read horror storys online this day was monday 11th june i went upstairs and we waited the nurse had told me should start in about 6 hours but could be before should be over by 24 no way was it . Well first of all id read so many horror storys but it just hasnt happened for me . So please please you could be like me and i think if you maybe follow what i did it might be painless for u to. First of all i took the codeine the anxiouty was driving me mad so i thought take them ifits gunna hurt least they in your system after four hours the clotting started huge huge clots all a
Dark red i checked alot of them because i knew i dont have any test to take until the 25th the htc test so needed to know if its passed i found notjing in them i had took my next set of codine after the four hpurs so maybe this is why i felt no pain i dont know . I had no sickness but the nurse had given me a anti sickness pill with the other meds i had no diareah no vomiting . After about two hours of clots and heavy ish bleeding but not really heavy it stopped . Just like heavy period returned so i took tablets at 1.30 pm by 6ish the clots happened i was off ny head on codeine nothing else i was up till about midnight fell asleep woke up at 8am felt like had a really bad hangover oh yes i also drank lots of water which i think helps get it all out . I was so scared now it hadent worked before i slept day before i rang aftercare saying id had no pain did it work and she said not all people have pain so the next day im so anxious all day it didnt work had cramping lightish backache bleeding very light . Day after also light bleeding still anxious it didnt work . Today got up so day four pads covered in blood very heavy bleeding then a plop in toilet and was like a white and grey lump looked through it still unsure . Still not overly sure its gone cramping today and clots again on and off itis not over within 24 hours day four and only just feeling normal ish . Hope this helps someone i will update when i find out. Think its bad they dont do follow up scans . I hope this helps someone woukd also be interested in others storys

Babytales137 Mon 23-Jul-18 11:52:44

Oh my goodness! I’m due to start my pill next week - I’m dreading this as we have a house full 5 house guests and I don’t know that will work out. I hope you feel better. 🙏

Frosty66612 Mon 23-Jul-18 11:58:22

I had one a few months ago and I was also around 6 weeks. I had the heavy bleeding and clots about 6 hours after taking the pills (I took them all at the same time and went home like you did). I then had what was like a normal to light period for a couple of days. On the 4th day the bleeding became heavy again with more clots. This lasted 2 more days and I then pretty much stopped bleeding. Spoke to the nurse and she said this all sounded normal and I had my negative pregnancy test 2 weeks later, and then my period came 36 days after the day of the abortion.
I’d also read awful horror stories online and was an anxious wreck beforehand. The pain was no worse than a really bad period. Sitting with a hot water bottle and some ibuprofen was enough to take the edge off it and I was able to sleep normally without waking in the night. I was expecting to be writhing around on the floor in total agony and I wish I hadn’t read the stuff online as apparently a lot of the horror stories are actually written by anti abortion activists who are trying to put women off from having it done.
Hope you feel a lot better soon x

Babytales137 Mon 23-Jul-18 12:00:55

@Frosty66612 thanks for that. I’m dreading it to be honest

Frosty66612 Mon 23-Jul-18 12:06:52

@babytales it honestly isn’t as bad as 99% of the stuff online says. I have a few friends who have had it done too and they all say the same as me. None of them had a bad experience (other than it just obviously being an unpleasant thing to have to go through in general).
My nurse did say it’s very common for the bleeding and cramps to pick up again on the 4th-6th day after the procedure so just keep that in mind if you are making plans at all. The heavy periods I used to get as a young teenager were more painful than the abortion

Babytales137 Mon 06-Aug-18 11:50:31

Hi @Frosty66612 I Took my first pill today but came off the progesterone on Friday. Slight cramping and now we wait. Hoping for a “normal” extremely experience.

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