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Implant Removal

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ellmsx Tue 22-May-18 12:26:15

I couldn't really find a suitable category so I've put it in here.

I'm 19 years old (just gone) and I have a 15 month old son. Me and my partner have being together for 5 years, live in our own home, both work and financially stable. We now feel the time is right to have a second baby. However, I rang up the doctors to ask if I could book in for my implant removing and the lady on the phone didn't seem keen on letting me book in for a removal. She basically tried to talk me out of it and then said that before I can book in I have to have a phone call appointment with a nurse, which I am now booked in for this on the 7th of June. Why do I need a phone call first? I made it clear what I wanted I just don't understand why I couldn't of got booked in for the removal straight away. I won't be on the waiting list until the 7th of June. I know I'm young and I'm sure this phone call is to try and talk me out of it. I'm sure the situation would be completely different if it was a 30 year old woman wanting the removal hmm

Hi OP smile
How are you getting on with your removal?

The implant is very effective contraception but the downfall is I know it costs the NHS a lot of money and so this does cause then to push it on you more.

It took ages for me to get mine out, had repeated bleeding ah just try the pill for a month.
Doesn't work so go back ah just keep taking it then!
No thanks Its not for me and I want to conceive!

Definitely took a fight, not sure if this is quite the same as they have a new one called nexplanon now don't they?

Either way its something to go on for long term as it will be hard to get it taken out, after the 5 month trial period they should let you so surprised they're being so mean.

Call them up and demand you get it removed! It's your body, tell them you're not reacting to it well either and that might push them smile

Whisky2014 Fri 29-Jun-18 15:46:40

I didnt have this issue. I rang up to say i hated it,making me moody and wanted it out. They took it out. Its not up to them to tell you to keep it in.

FocusOnMePlease Fri 29-Jun-18 15:58:02

Do u have a family planning clinic or similar close by? They remove them there usually - thats what i did when i couldn't get an appointment with the only GP at the surgery who does it for almost a month.

ellsbells95 Fri 29-Jun-18 20:15:32

I managed to get it out at a sexual health clinic, had it out last week so now trying for baby no2grinMy GP really didn't want me to get it removed and I know it was because of my age as she even tried to ask me about my financial situation! I couldn't believe how cheeky she was. I was very straight with her from the start and told her it was my body and I didn't want it in. She wanted me to book in for a consultation but I said I'd go elsewhere. She told me any place would do the same but Sexual health clinic didn't question anything and agreed to take it out straight away. Thanks for all your responses though!!

ellsbells95 Fri 29-Jun-18 20:16:37

A face to face consultation as well as the phone consultation!

ellsbells95 Fri 29-Jun-18 20:17:20

I am OP, sorry for any confusion with the username!

Honey2468 Mon 02-Jul-18 00:38:31

I know this is an old thread but I’m experiencing the same. (Sort of) since I was 17 I’ve tried everything, 8 different types of pills, diaphragm, implant, coils and I’ve bled on everything. I’ve pretty much been bleeding For the past 13 years. I’m now 30 in a few months, married, good stable job, own bought house, car paid off etc, etc, and want a baby. I’m sure about what I am doing and called the gynaecologist last week to say I wanted to come off of my pill and just sort of to let them know. Receptionist says she will email the gynaecologist to let her know. Receptionist then calls back a few days later and says, “ she emailed back saying you are ‘allowed’ to come off your pill but you need to adopt another method of contraception before coming off of it and you are aware of this”. I asked the reason as I have no medical problems and I was quite surprised this was the response. She just said, make an appointment with a family planning clinic. I said no, I don’t want contraception and she said can you not go to your gp?
My question is for what?
Surely this is my decision, are they allowed to just say no? I asked how long they expected me to stay on contraception and the receptionist said, well most women go through the menopause by early 50’s!!!!
I’m sorry if I’m ranting, I just find this appalling when half of these staff and doctors probably have their own children at home which they had when they decided and feel they can play god with other people. It’s really not someone else’s choice and I can’t believe this is allowed

Goostacean Wed 04-Jul-18 09:59:18

It sounds like the receptionist told the gynaecologist that you want to come off the pill but not that you want to conceive? Hence the gynae’s advice to use another method? All very odd, I didn’t even ask or tell anyone except DH when I stopped my pill! Want to get my implant out (only had it for 3 months) because of its effect on my libido... Seems like a silly reason, but my marriage is important to me! Hope I don’t have a fight on my hands...

ellsbells95 Sat 21-Jul-18 19:11:21

I had problems with my libido too PP. within a few weeks it was completely back to normal, already feel much happier in our relationship now I've had it removed. Fingers crossed I'll get pregnant soon grin

I hope you both get it sorted very soon, it's so frustrating and I felt like I had to actually talk the doctor into removing it for me. So strange when it's your body and you have to almost beg someone to remove it. Very strangehmm

ellsbells95 Sat 21-Jul-18 19:14:14

I ended up going to the sexual health clinic, I couldn't be arsed going for a consultation when I'd already made it clear. At the sexual health clinic I had a quick phone call and I explained why I wanted it out and then she just booked me straight in. I recommend doing that smile

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