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Pregnant, scared & confused

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4foxsake Thu 08-Feb-18 14:46:42

I'm 42 & have 2 DDs aged 10 & 7. Shortly after DD2 was born DH & I decided we didn't want anymore DC so 5 years ago DH had a vasectomy.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I started getting a bit of breast tenderness but thought no more about it. This was followed by a bit of cramping so I thought it was just my period starting. I'm now 4 days late with my period so, on my way to work this morning I bought a pg test and poas in the toilets in work. It was positive shock!!!

I won't see DH until about 7.30 tonight and tbh I'm having a really hard time coming to terms with this. I'm sat at my desk shaking & trying not to cry.

I have so many doubts about another pregnancy but don't know if I could bring myself to have a termination. Am I too old, will the age gap be too big, can we afford another baby, will I be able to cope (I suffer with anxiety & MH issues), do I want to go through the baby stage again, will I be able to continue with my anxiety medication during the pregnancy, what if there's something wrong with the baby?

I'm looking into abortion choices but, tbh, the whole thing is scaring the life out of me (also won't know DH's view on this until I get to speak to him later tonight). Even though I know I don't want another baby, will I be able to go through with it? What if I regret it later? So scared, confused & conflicted sad

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