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So scared.... surgical termination

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Maisonsmum123 Tue 12-Dec-17 04:44:51

I am so scared. I am due to have a surgical termination tomorrow and I am petrified. ..... today at 9am I have to go to the hospital to take mifepristone. I suffer from depression, anxiety and panic disorder and I am going out of my mind about taking this tablet as I am scared of what it will do to me.... please please please can anyone tell me what happens when you take this tablet

EEandEmakes3 Tue 12-Dec-17 05:45:35

I'm sorry, I don't have any experience of this but I'm sure you will be looked after by the health care professionals. They will have lots of experience of looking after anxious patients, this of course doesn't minimise how you feel. Please try to take it one step at a time & be kind to yourself. thanks

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