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Has my abortion gone wrong?

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kellyrichards Sun 03-Dec-17 21:45:04

I had a medical abortion about a 10 days where I had a tablet orally and went back for the internal tablets. After a day in hospital I went home (in major pain) and bled badly for a week after until it eased off, practically completely stopped.

I've noticed that I'm only bleeding in the evenings around 5-6 o'clock and absolutely nothing in the day? I'm aware that on and off bleeding is expected for up to a couple weeks after the abortion, however I've never ever known or heard about my body literally turning itself on to bleed at the exact same time of the day??? Is this normal?? I'm worried that it's not normal and something is wrong and I literally haven't come across one thing about anyone having the similar thing?

It doesn't make sense to me how my body can turn on bleeding and cramps the same time every evening

Anyone have any idea?

Iris65 Wed 06-Dec-17 08:37:53

It could be tiredness. By 5-6pm your muscles are tired, so the bleeding occurs. Or it could be that the uterine lining sloughs through the day and by that time enough has built up to cause bleeding.

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