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Tell me this is a bfn

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Chattycat78 Sun 12-Mar-17 18:21:27

So I'm probably crazy- hopefully. Am on the mini pill and had a mild stomach bug around 2.5/3 weeks ago so got worried about the pill failing. I've been testing to make sure. I thought I was happy that this was a bfn but when I came back to it hours later I thought I saw faint lines. It might be because there's one of those indents in the test where the positive line should be.

I can't wait until a potential late period as I'm not getting periods at the mo (am 9 months post partum and still b feeding at night a bit). However I have worked out that if I had ovulated, I would be at least 14dpo by now.

Surely if it was positive it would have been obvious- no? When I was pregnant in the past there was no mistaking the line.

Please tell me you can't see anything.

Redyellowpinkblue Sun 12-Mar-17 18:23:38

I can't see anything smile

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