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This topic is for personal experiences or dilemmas; to debate the ethics of termination, please go here or here.


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redheadedgirl Fri 13-Jan-17 19:04:27

I've recently found out I'm pregnant and I'm not in a relationship- the dad is more a guy I have a nsa thing with.

I haven't told him yet, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it. I've had a termination before and felt so guilty after. But due to circumstances I live with my mum, not enough for a mortgage and I have a dog so renting in an are that doesn't make me totally scared is near impossible.

I'm confident he will want nothing to do with me or a baby. But I can't see how I can afford everything and find a place let alone tell my mum. Just need some advice please

CaptinMuma Sun 15-Jan-17 15:10:40

Sorry you feeling like this, the decision is hard and can only be made by you but if you want to keep it others have made it work as single mothers on low income, so you can too. Good luck

Ilovecaindingle Tue 31-Jan-17 18:56:58

Please tell your mother. With her support maybe you won't be in such a turmoil. .

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