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Should I call him? Or just leave it alone

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mommyteeshh19 Fri 11-Nov-16 01:08:20

17 weeks and babies father still doesn't want to be involved. We don't speak often I just leave him to it unless he rings me. Should I be doing more? The last time we spoke he told me "he don't wanna know as he don't give a fuck" but I think things will change when babies here. It doesn't upset me anymore just makes me wonder whether I should do something. Last time we spoke was about 3 weeks ago. I do miss himsad

Desmondo2016 Sun 13-Nov-16 11:41:30

At risk of sounding harsh, no. The next contact he should have should be from the Child Maintenance Service.

fruitbats Sun 13-Nov-16 11:49:49

mommy - sorry that you miss him, but I would leave it. He may not want to be involved but he has a responsibility to the baby when it is born. Good luck thanks

Marilynsbigsister Sun 27-Nov-16 22:09:08

Bluntly ? No ! . He is not interested and has told you in just about the harshest way possible. If he wanted to be in touch, he would be. But he doesn't. So he isn't.

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