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Good enough reasons

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Bbot Sat 13-Aug-16 22:55:49

Hi all,
I have a consultation appointment coming up to discuss having a surgical abortion, i was so sure in my decision and yet today i am doubting myself.
I am 6 weeks pregnant, unplanned. I live with my partner and we hadnt discussed having a family in the near future so it came as quite a shock. It would be a struggle financially to continue and neither of us are ready, but now i find myself thinking are these good enough reasons? I would like a family in the future when we are more secure (living situation/jobs) but i am early 30s and now thinking that waiting may not be a luxury i have, given my age. I don't think i would cope emotionally if we went ahead with a termination and then struggled to concieve in the future. Also i feel guilty thinking like this as i feel like i am picking a future child over this one even though i don't think we could give enough to a child at this time.
I am struggling making a decision and feel pressured by time as feel like i could cope better with a termination the earlier it is done, rather than waiting another couple of weeks and the pregnancy being further on. Can anybody identify, thanks confused

nennyrainbow Sat 13-Aug-16 23:05:13

My advice would be to give yourself a bit of time to come to a decision. How long have you known? How did DP take it? Any pregnancy, even planned ones surprisingly, can come as a shock to the system, so just give yourselves time to absorb it. I can totally understand your wanting to terminate sooner rather than later if that is the route you choose, but you have to be absolutely certain before committing. At the end of the day, an abortion at 8 weeks isn't significantly different from an abortion at 6 weeks but it gives you a bit longer for you both to come to a decision. I hope you can both agree on a decision, whichever way it is. flowers

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