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Help me convince myself I'm perimenopausal not pregnant

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MuggleWuggle Thu 21-Jul-16 05:17:39

Dh & I are pretty much in a non-marriage and have been for a while, discussing breaking up but not quite there at the moment. Had sex for the second time in over a year 12 days ago- no condoms just withdrawal (how stupid I feel now), 2 days ago bit of blood on wiping, thought it was start of my period so stuck a panty liner on, next morning slight smear of light brown but nothing since. Has just struck me that this is just like the implantation bleed I had with my previous 2dc and am now seriously stressing. I am 45 so lying here hoping spotting is also a perimenopausal symptom... I never track my periods so no idea when I'm due but last period was a while ago. No other of symptoms at all. Please share your stories of suspected pregnancies that turned out to be menopause starting to reassure me.... and when it's worth testing in case it's real!

Longlost10 Thu 21-Jul-16 05:19:31

what's the point. It doesn't matter what is said here, it isn't a matter of opinion, or a vote. Either you are pregnant or you are not, one of those is a fact. Best find out and deal with it.

Longlost10 Thu 21-Jul-16 05:20:47

well, sorry, but you don't get to settle this sort of question by an internet poll. Either you are pregnant or you are not, one of those is a fact, nothing anyone writes here will change that. Find out which it is and deal with it.

Longlost10 Thu 21-Jul-16 05:21:29

sorry, posted twice! cos the first time I wrote out an answer it disappeared without trace, and I thought it was gone.

MuggleWuggle Thu 21-Jul-16 05:30:51

Wow, unnecessarily harsh response. I guess the point was to share that I am feeling anxious and maybe someone might have been in the same position and would share. I think I probably can't test for a couple more days so looking for some support or other people's experiences in the meantime.

passportmess Thu 21-Jul-16 06:26:44

Muggle this month my husband was away so between day 1 and day 16 of this cycle there was no sex. Day 13 saw some light brown smearing and slight cramping. I'm 45 too. So it is possible that you've had some perimenopausal symptoms but given you've had unprotected sex you need to test when you're due.

donajimena Thu 21-Jul-16 06:32:12

I'm getting a similar type of bleeding a few days before my period. (Smear was ok) it doesn't happen every month but it happens regularly. I'm 44.
But yes! You need to test. Good luck.

Ikeameatballs Thu 21-Jul-16 06:33:29

One of the difficulties is that you're not sure when your due.

Is there any way of recalling when your last period was? You think it was a while ago?

I would be inclined to buy some cheap tests and POAS today and alternate days for the next 10 days. I don't see the point in waiting and whilst the first negative result might not be totally reassuring at least if you get a positive you know what you're dealing with as soon as possible.

passportmess Thu 21-Jul-16 06:37:53

Good point Ikea.

Longlost10 Thu 21-Jul-16 06:38:09

mugglewuggle, not meaning to be harsh at all, just pragmatic, you need to know one way or the other asap, don't put your head in the sand

KnockMeDown Thu 21-Jul-16 06:39:12

If you think that this may be implantation bleeding, then a test would show positive now. So test as soon as you can to put your mind at rest - or to be in the best possible position to make choices. flowers

MuggleWuggle Thu 21-Jul-16 07:29:30

Thanks for replying- didn't realise it might be worth testing today, will go and get some tests- never thought I 'd say those words again!!

Longlost10, you're right I do need to be pragmatic too, usually am but a bit tired and sensitive this morning.

passportmess Thu 21-Jul-16 08:37:34

Muggle flowers

Ikeameatballs Thu 21-Jul-16 16:36:21

Hope you got a negative result today.

Crumb502 Wed 27-Jul-16 16:16:43

I am in exactly the same boat, how did your test turn out?

ILoveAGoodBrusselSprout Wed 27-Jul-16 16:22:31

Muggle, definitely get a test. I conceived my last babies at 41 and took a test, with a positive result 3 days before my period was due.

MuggleWuggle Sun 31-Jul-16 11:58:40

Thanks for the recent replies, sorry haven't updated sooner- am away on holidays- well I did a couple of tests 1 & 3 days after posting - both negative but still no period so am guessing it's peri-menopause. Back from holidays in a couple of weeks so will do a final test then if AF doesn't show up before.

Crumb502, hope it goes whichever way you want it to for you!

passportmess Sun 31-Jul-16 16:47:40

Actually Muggle I ended up taking a test today as I'm a week late. It was negative too. I'm also on holiday! Seems AF is in holiday too!

passportmess Sun 31-Jul-16 16:56:01

Hey Muggle - race you to it! grin

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