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This topic is for personal experiences or dilemmas; to debate the ethics of termination, please go here or here.

Surgical termination experience

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SybilsLeaves Sun 17-Jul-16 12:07:16

I thought I'd write this in case it's useful for others - my story is here:

I went to the clinic yesterday and had a consultation first of all. They did a scan - I couldn't see or hear the monitor, and the photo was kept away from me, which I appreciated. The woman talked me through medical and surgical; I opted for surgical because I wanted it to be over quickly. I could have a general anaesthetic or a sedation - I leant towards general as I didn't want to know anything about what was happening. She reassured me that I likely wouldn't know anything about it with sedation and I'd recover much more quickly, so I agreed to sedation instead. She checked my blood pressure and blood type, then I went into a pre-op waiting area.

I was collected from there in about 20 mins and told to strip off from my lower half and wrap a sheet around me sarong style. Then I was taken into the theatre by a nurse, introduced to the surgeon and anaesthetist and helped onto the bed, where my feet were put into stirrups. If I'm honest, I would have appreciated a bit more conversation from the doctors as I was pretty scared, teeth chattering etc. They checked my blood pressure again, said there'd be a sharp scratch on my hand and I then felt pins and needles in my face.

The next thing I knew, I was being helped out of a wheelchair and into an armchair - I had no knowledge of the procedure at all, which was exactly what I'd wanted. They'd somehow got me off the bed, into a pair of disposable pants and pad and into the wheelchair with me knowing nothing about it.

Sitting in the chair, coming round, I felt cramping like a bad period and tears were rolling down my face. A nurse gave me a heat pad, tea and biscuits and said it was to help with the shock of it. All of that really helped. I felt well enough to stand up and go and change about 10 minutes later. They gave me some antibiotics to take 2 hours after my evening meal and a number to call if there were any serious symptoms.

The rest of the day, I felt more cramping so went to bed with a hot water bottle and tea. Had some paracetamol which didn't really help - it was like the worst kind of period. Took antibiotics after dinner and immediately had bad diarrhoea; that was the lowest moment, on the toilet, between the cramps and the diarrhoea. I drank loads of water and cuddled up to a fresh hot water bottle and fell asleep about an hour later.

Woke up this morning and no cramps, but diarrhoea after breakfast. Checked the info I was given and apparently it's a common side effect of the antibiotics. It isn't at all painful, just inconvenient and have to remember to drink for hydration.

Emotionally - I feel immensely immensely relieved. This was absolutely the right thing for me and my family and the 20% of me that wasn't sure has been quietened. I'm glad this hasn't been protracted, either in making the decision (1 week from finding out) or in the procedure itself, which took less than an hour til I woke up. I don't think I could have handled a medical termination as I didn't want to come face to face with what would come out - although I'm expecting some blood over the next few days, I know that's part of me and not what would have been my baby.

I hope sharing my story helps someone else - this is such a personal thing that I'm sure everyone would experience it differently. Good luck with whatever you decide flowers

Redpony1 Fri 02-Sep-16 14:51:25

I didnt want to read & run, I'm glad you are ok, i have been through the same, when i was much younger. Take care of yourself

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