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Teenage abortion

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nonameqt Fri 17-Jun-16 00:28:35

My daughter has just informed me that she visited an abortion clinic today.. She was given Azithromycin for an unwanted pregnancy .
I'm reeling and have so many questions to ask........
Apparently she had unprotected drunken first time sex at a party about two months ago. She's not told anyone about the pregnancy except a friend of a friend who's 18 and accompanied her to said clinic .
I don't know how best to support her.. I just don't know what to say or do!! I've told her how much I love her and that we will get through this together.
Should I tell her school?
She's already under CAMHS... Will they be informed?
I can't even believe I'm writing this-it's so surreal and to think she's kept it all a secret......
Any practical advice gratefully received!

OddSocksHighHeels Sat 18-Jun-16 20:31:25

How old is she?

I'd be glad that she felt able to tell you what happened, having open communication is a really good thing. I'd be stressing the importance of condoms and advising a visit to a GUM clinic as well (they tend to test for Chlamydia and gonorrhea at the clinic but nothing else, though this may vary between different areas).

There's no reason for the clinic to tell anybody else unless they have particular concerns about her (eg grooming or abuse concerns) but it might be something that would be useful for CAMHS to know - I'd discuss this with DD rather than have her feel as though you're going behind her back.

In the meantime - she's probably going to be a bit sore and a bit emotional as her hormones are settling back to normal. Make sure she gets plenty of rest and that she knows she can come and talk to you/have a cry on you/whatever she needs.

It must have been a really big shock for you but you sound like you've dealt with it really well IMO. Best of luck to you both flowers

SoHereItIs2016 Wed 29-Jun-16 19:25:12

When you say she was given azithromycin for an unwanted pregnancy what do you mean? This is a drug used to treat clamydia I think?

Icecappedpinetrees Wed 29-Jun-16 19:27:13

How old is she? You sound very supportive.

VikingVolva Wed 29-Jun-16 19:36:57

Azithromycin is an antibiotic, not an abortifacient.

Has she made a decision about the future of this pregnancy?

You need to keep talking to her.

I wouldn't be telling the school at this point, but it's (almost certainly) in your DD's interest for CAHMS to know,

Jackie0 Wed 29-Jun-16 20:12:23

I wouldn't tell the school , I think it's an invasion of her privacy to be honest and I assume that school is out for the summer anyway now.
I would let the appropriate medical professions know if she is receiving ongoing treatment .
You sound like a brilliant mum, she's lucky to have you.

nonameqt Mon 04-Jul-16 22:18:13

To those of you who have responded , many thanks.
I realised (doh!!!) after I had posted my message that she had been given the antibiotic as she had had a surgical abortion under general anaesthetic. I think she has been tested for chlamydia as well
She told people at the school herself-Head of her year group and the counsellor!
Currently all is well....

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