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So confused/worried

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annalisa83 Sun 22-May-16 10:22:14

I was due on 15th May. Before that, on the 11th May I had some spotting. My husband and had sex a few times, but we were using condoms.
As I thought I would come on on 15th, we had full sex with no protection. Now I'm 7 days late but I have 6 negative pregnancy tests.
I'm confused to what's happening, as if I was due on the 15th (I'm normally 32 days and this was the 32nd day) it would be a low chance of conception. I'm wondering if the spotting I had on the 11th was implantation? But if so, why am I still testing negative?
Anyway, I'm not in the best place to have another baby. I/we have debts and I work part time, so I can't afford to not work at the moment, as I'm in an IVA and I've already deferred 3 times throughout my last pregnancy and maternity leave. My husband, although he earns a good wage, has two children from a previous marriage, so we are both on the same page that this isn't a good time for a 4th child.
I've booked an appointment on Wednesday to see the doctor to discuss what to do, and obviously test again as I feel like I'm probably pregnant, but without a positive test I can't move forward.
Is it worth going to the family planning clinic on Tuesday to see? Will they be able to issue a medical termination if that is the case?

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