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Sensitive - think friend is considering using abortion pills bought online

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OhDeareyMe Tue 19-Apr-16 16:16:12

I am a regular lurker and occasional poster but have namechanged for this as my regular username is known by some family members.

I have a close friend who has fallen pregnant unexpectedly, despite taking precautions. She is married with 4 young dc and is in her early 40s. She confides in me and reading between the lines I believe she is considering purchasing some abortion pills online. I don't believe she has gone as far as acquiring any at this stage. She knows her DH definitely doesn't want another (hence taking precautions) and due to her line of work she isn't comfortable confiding in her GP. She has rang both BPAS and Marie Stopes and neither have an agreement with her GP practice so to go down this route she'd have to pay and doesn't have the money, plus where she lives would make these services quite difficult to access, though not impossible.

I can see why this route may appeal given her circumstances BUT I am enormously uncomfortable with this knowledge and feel I need to get her to seriously reconsider. I've tried Google and discussed some of the obvious drawbacks - it's illegal (which makes me extremely nervous even posting this) and it's potentially dangerous if things go wrong. I feel a bit out of my depth and wonder if anyone has any help or advice or could suggest anything which I could use to ensure she doesn't go down this route?

viciousstarling Tue 19-Apr-16 19:21:28

if she's getting them from a reputable place (eg women on web) then leave her to it. they're the same as what they use in hospital.

doesn't sound like she's asking for your opinion

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