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Medical termination - pains in uterus after during sex?

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Littlefrenchmummy Fri 12-Feb-16 08:33:19


I had a termination 2 weeks ago and was given the all clear for sex yesterday.
I had awful burning cramps in my uterus after, and it lasted for ages. Really worrying I have never had that- is it common?

I stopped bleeding but the scan yesterday showed I still had blood in my uterus- could it be linked?

Thanks for your help X

OddSocksHighHeels Tue 16-Feb-16 00:42:23

I've only just seen this, have you been to get checked out now?

It's not a symptom I had and it's not one I remember being told was common but I'm not completely sure on that.

If you haven't already then do give the clinic that you went to a call and have a quick check to make sure all is well.

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