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2nd part medical abortion tomorrow and so so scared

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BollockyBollocks Fri 30-Oct-15 19:37:48

I can't stop crying
Had first lot of tablets yesterday and felt nauseous but ok. Was up most of the night feeling dreadfully sick then spent the morning throwing up. Have felt rubbish all day.
Going back tomorrow for 2nd lot but scared to death now.
Is everyone sick? I've got a phobia of it and today has been dreadful.
Also scared about it not working or retained products.
I thought this was the best way to go but now I wish I'd had surgical.
Anyone with any advice please help.

Princessofpower1 Fri 30-Oct-15 22:00:49

Hi, I'm more of a lurker than a poster but couldn't read and run as I went through this just yesterday and felt exactly as you do.

I don't know where in the country you are or whether you are going the nhs route or alternative but this is my experience of nhs treatment.

Four tablets were inserted vaginally. I was told if after 3-4 hours nothing had happened I would have to start taking tablets orally and was warned they can make you feel sick. I never needed to take them but the girl next to me did, more than once, and appeared ok. They will give you anti sickness medication should it happen.

The tablets didn't make me feel sick but I did have diarrhea which is another common side effect. This wasn't excessive though or particularly troublesome and stopped as soon as pregnancy had passed.

Pain is different for everyone I'm sure. Personally I only needed two paracetamol and was fine but don't be a hero, they have lots of pain relief. I read a lot of horrendous stories and was terrified by the time I got to hospital. As i said, different for everyone, but in my experience it wasn't ANYTHING like as traumatic as I thought and NOBODY in the room was in agony, begging for pain relief or any of the other horror stories you may have read.

I have no idea of the basis for your decision to terminate but I would imagine its emotionally difficult for most people regardless of reason. I have circumstances involving a severely disabled daughter meaning progressing with my pregnancy wasn't an option despite my wishing it could have been. So although I was (and still am) very sure I made the right choice I found it a very emotionally exhausting day and dealing with it mentally was very tough.

With that in mind - don't look if you don't think you can deal with seeing what you may have passed. I was eight weeks. I knew when I had passed the pregnancy because,well, I felt it come out. This wasn't painful btw. I had to use a bedpan everytime I used the toilet so that nurses can check you are passing everything okay. Just cover it with tissue if you don't want to look. I did and although I couldn't see anything particular I could make out a vague shape and found that quite upsetting.

Retained products wasn't a problem, everything went smoothly.

The bleeding can be very heavy so don't be alarmed. Also I passed two blood clots after the pregnancy that were huge and really panicked so just warning you that can happen. I got a real shock!

Not going to lie, its not anyone's idea of a good experience BUT it was nothing like what I had frightened myself into worrying about. In fact the straightforwardness of it made it almost surreal!

Not something I wish to repeat and of course I do feel regrets, what ifs etc but not as traumatic as I expected.

SweetAdeline Fri 30-Oct-15 22:08:26

I've just had the tablets because I had a missed miscarriage. I wasn't sick at all. I had some cramps after taking them and bleeding picked up within 30mins. I took the second lot 3hrs later and was able to go to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and felt heavier bleeding so went to the toilet. I passed some large clots and what I think was the sac. I couldn't see anything identifiable it was just grey matter. After that the bleeding eased up and since then has been lighter than a regular period. At no point was the pain worse than mild discomfort.
Just remembered I had loose bowels just after taking the first lot of tablets, but no vomiting.
It really wasn't as bad as I expected and I was 10 weeks by dates, 8 weeks by size.

Princessofpower1 Sat 31-Oct-15 12:48:26

Hope everything goes ok for you today flowers

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