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Can anyone from Northern Ireland help me?

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wss2013 Tue 01-Sep-15 07:42:52

Is there anyone in Northern Ireland that could help me by allowing me to have pills sent to them and then posting the pills down to me? I recently found out I was pregnant and for a variety of reasons just cannot have this baby. I'm not in a position to travel to England as I have a young baby with quite complex needs who I could not leave with anyone, even for a day. If anyone could help me I'd be so grateful. Thank you.

AgentProvocateur Tue 01-Sep-15 08:14:59


I'm not in NI, so can't help. Can you ask MN to repost this in the local NI boards too? I hope you find someone.

msrisotto Tue 01-Sep-15 08:17:47

Sorry I'm not in anyplace useful for you but 1. Bump and
2. I'm sure there's an organisation that does this. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of it but I've seen it mentioned on mn before. On the feminism board I think.
Best of luck

Sillysausage2 Tue 01-Sep-15 08:28:43

Could you use parcel motel? I'm not in NI but have used this a few times for a northern address?

thisisnow Tue 01-Sep-15 10:13:25

Try this, they may be able to help

Good luck flowers

Chiggers Tue 01-Dec-15 06:30:44

AFAIK, procuring pills for an abortion in any way (even using another address) is illegal in NI (from NI here). I could be wrong, but please read up on the legislation to get a clearer picture.

I don't know whether you have heard about the ruling on allowing abortion for rape and incest victims, but that is being resisted and, from what I remember reading, the main parties may be appealing against the decision.

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