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Migrated coil, now pregnant

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PassthePercyPigs Mon 29-Jun-15 13:51:27

Hi all,

I originally posted in the pregnancy section a couple of weeks ago but think this is more appropriate for here.

I'm in the middle of a complete nightmare. I went for a smear two weeks ago and the nurse couldn't find the strings for my copper coil. She sent me to see the GP who told me it might have come out without me realising or may have migrated. She then asked me to take a pregnancy test. To my total shock and horror it was positive. My husband and I have two wonderful children aged 4.5 and 16 months and felt very sure that our family was complete.

I went for a scan the following Friday and just felt so sad when I saw the little embryo. I thought that seeing it would make me feel connected to it but I just felt incredible sadness.

The scan also revealed that my coil had migrated through my uterus which is making things even more complicated and upsetting. My husband and I feel that we cannot continue with the pregnancy and with deep sadness want to terminate.

My GP referred me on to BPAS who were amazing but said that due to the location of my coil, cannot perform the termination at one of their clinics. My notes were sent on to head office and they called me today to say that they are trying to find a hospital which will take on my case, then I will have to have another assessment before they can agree to my treatment. She said it may be another two weeks before the termination can happen. I am currently 7+3 weeks.

My GP feels there is a risk of continuing with the pregnancy because my womb has been perforated and that could lead to a late miscarriage. I just can't cope with that heartache.

It's an absolute nightmare. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? I just don't know what to do.



radha888 Fri 03-Jul-15 16:39:17

Hey, I can't image how you feel! Plus the waiting game makes it even more longe. but your doing really good and look how strong you are! things will soon sort it self out. Just keep going Hun.

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