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any advice please...

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newstart456 Thu 29-Jan-15 00:41:02

hi just hoping for any advice or experience.... I'm on the pill ( desomono? ) mini pill so you take it every day without breaks and I have and do religiously! yrs ago I fell pregnant on a different pill...the doctor said this was because I had been v.ill at time and thrown up the pill rather than not took it properly anyway was a bit of a shock so after baby was born I asked to be put on a new one...after a couple of months on this pill I have never had a period which is whats meant to happen I'm told but recently ive been feeling "different" can't put my finger on it but some symptoms are the same as previous question is could this really happen a 2nd time ive been so careful and not ill? if so without having any cycle how would you know/when would you test? Sorry if I'm rambling just head a bit boggled by it all ....

WrappedInABlankie Thu 29-Jan-15 02:08:12

It could be, currently pregnant with my second DS both were conceived on the pill taken correctly

Take a test and if negative test again in a week - 2 weeks

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