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Early surgical abortion (GA). Strange pain

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Tillyscoutsmum Mon 17-Nov-14 18:43:24

I had a surgical abortion on Saturday under general anaesthetic. I felt fine on Saturday and most of yesterday but yesterday afternoon I've started to have a very strange abdominal pain. It's not like period pain (which is what I was expecting). It's like really painful trapped wind - a dragging pain in my lower abdomen and around my bottom/lower back. It hurts to sit down and ibuprofen/paracetamol aren't making any difference.

Has anyone had similar? Could it just be trapped wind? ?

Thank you in advance

okavango Tue 18-Nov-14 09:43:47

Hi, I had a non ga surgical abortion last week but haven't had as much pain as you describe. It has been most painful just before I pass clots, did that happen last night? If you are worried I would call the doctors. I went to BPAS and they said just to call them. I am afraid that I can't find the number to post, sorry.

DixieTreats Mon 24-Nov-14 00:17:14

Call the out of hours dr. I've had 3 terminations and never had what your describing. It's probably nothing, but worth making sure.

DixieTreats Mon 24-Nov-14 00:17:46


emmalouise90 Mon 24-Nov-14 13:26:02

I had a surgical abortion 3 weeks ago after procedure I had trapped wind pain followed by Dihorrea (sorry tmi ) may just need to pass I had no pain after hope ur well x

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