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need help. 12 weeks pregnant with twins

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whatamidoing123 Fri 07-Nov-14 11:19:24

Im a single mum of 4...age 15-5 and found out im expecting twins...the dad dont want the babies and has harassed me to get an abortion...I want to keep them but I am so scared of doing it alone, and im scared to go through the baby phase..sleepless nights..teething...endless crying and nappy changes...I have mental health problems that I have only just got under control. I am terrified...I dont want to lose these babies it breaks my heart to imagine them gone..makes me feel so crule and horrible and the way I see it is I cant win...ill feel awful keeping them and awful giving them up to an abortion..the dad told me im ruining his life keeping them..he is on a brink of a breakdown over it. Obviously it was never ment to happen..I was on cerazette pop pill...and apparently a lot of people get pregnant on that pill?. I would have to make the abortion look like a miscarriage...but how? And id have to go through it alone...the dad wont be about to go with me...but I guess I deserve to feel alone and go through it alone as punishment for having the abortion.

PacificDogwood Fri 07-Nov-14 11:23:01

So he doesn't what the pregnancy to continue but he also does not want to support you through a termination??

Nobody can make the decision what to do for you.
Please go a speak to your GP or FPC about your options.

Whatever you then decide to do, consider what this man is bringing to your life in a positive way and what longterm contraception you need. Every method has failure rates, some are more user dependent than others.

I hope you have some RL support through this.

PacificDogwood Fri 07-Nov-14 11:23:26

… he doesn't want the pregnancy…


MrsExtraOrdinary Sun 09-Nov-14 18:43:59

Pacific irrespective of the father this decision is yours and you shouldn't feel bullied into making a decision by him. How many weeks are you now?

PacificDogwood Sun 09-Nov-14 21:19:54

That was the point I was trying to make: the father sounds a bit worse than useless in the OP's situation.

DixieTreats Mon 24-Nov-14 00:19:01

Are you ok??

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