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come and share your hospital bag lists!

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Keenoonvino Tue 19-Aug-14 13:38:02

I took way too much to hospital last time I was pregnant, and I ended up with a horrific labour and induced on an oxytocin drip anyway, so didn't use half of it anyway (TENS, hot water bottle, massage oil, bikini top for birth pool etc etc).

I am obviously desperately hoping to not go down the same route next time and want to start labour naturally and that is what I want to pack for.

But honestly, it was embarrassing how much we seemed to bring into hospital so I'd love it if people could post their lists of what is in their own hospital bag or what you wished you'd had and didn't or took and didn't touch!

Thanks smile

Loveallmyboys Tue 19-Aug-14 15:17:04

What a coincidence, I've just been doing my lists! Here's mine(so far!):
Hospital bag-me
Breast pads
Maternity pads
Bed mats
Evian facial spray
Nighties x2
Hand cream
Comfy Going home clothes
Sh gel
Hope this helps smile

Mrsgrumble Tue 19-Aug-14 15:31:09

I have made a start. Elective c section due to emcs recently

Three nighties
Three of bottoms
Selection of tshirts / light cardi
Granny pants - not black!
Colpermin and paracetamol
Witch hazel
Nursing bras
Toothpaste brush
Light make up and tan wipes
Hair dryer brush thing
Mini toiletries

White vests gro's pink hat/blue hat
Water wipes
Cellular blankets
Towel for baby and I / mini baby wash

Nipple sheilds/ shell
Lanolin cream

Flip flops

Outfit for home hanging uo for dh to bring in

Mrsgrumble Tue 19-Aug-14 15:33:05

Camera batteries charger earphones mobile (with radio)
Gift for staff
Pen notebook
Coins for machine
Spare credit for phone

Lottiedoubtie Tue 19-Aug-14 15:36:21

Granny pants - not black!
Why not?

MrsGiraffe12 Tue 19-Aug-14 16:15:46

Hospital bag (me):
* maternity notes
* 2 x nighties
* 1 x lightweight dressing gown
* 1 x pair flip flops
* 15 x disposable pants
* 1 x nursing bra
* 5 x pairs breast pads
* 2 x packs maternity pads
* 1 x shower gel
* 1 x going home outfit
* 1 x wash bag (mini shampoo, mini conditioner, 1 x mini shower gel, 1 x deoderant, 1 x toothbrush and toothpaste, 1 x mini pack face wipes, 1 x pair ear plugs, 1 x hair band, 1 x hair brush)
* 1 x pack cereal bars
* 1 x 4 pack of snack a jacks
* 2 x of them robinsons squashed (mini juice bottle things)

Baby bag:
* 4 x sleep suits
* 4 x vests
* 1 x hat
* 1 x pair mittens & booties
* 1 x towel
* 1 x blanket
* 1 x 24 pack nappies
* 1 x pack wipes
* 1 x pack nappy sacks
* car seat in car
* 1 x baby's red book

Mrsgrumble Tue 19-Aug-14 16:17:32

15 pairs of pants ? I didn't really bleed much. Only used panty liners adter first week
Didn't want to pack black as it attaches to sticky stuff from section scar

Lottiedoubtie Tue 19-Aug-14 16:27:27

Ok, I'm going to have to risk that, I've literally just gone out and bought 10 pairs of massive black pants for after my Csection!

DuckandCat Tue 19-Aug-14 16:31:17

Here's mine!

- night dresses x2
- leggings/ loose trousers
- extra knickers
- flannel/ small towel/ shower gel
- tooth brush/ paste
- deodorant
- toilet wipes
- maternity pads
- going home clothes
- flip flops
- bobbles
- cooling spray
- snacks/ drink
- DH's stuff?
- phone charger
- money
- camera
- iPad/ ear phones
- hospital notes

- White baby gro/ vest/ hat
- spare gro/ vest/ hat
- coat (DD's one)
- nappies/ wipes/ Vaseline
- blankets x2
- muslin cloths x2
- bibs
- towel
- olive oil/ other cream
- car seat
- soft toy
- DD's present

Stuff I took last time and not bothering this time

- large bath towel (showered at home)
- shampoo/ conditioner/ styling stuff (wasn't least bit interested in my hair!)
- dressing gown (too hot)
- make up
- lip balm
- razor (hmm
- pillow (not sure why I wanted this!)
- birth ball (they had loads)
- anti-bac wipes
- baby nail clippers (why?!)

CorporeSarnie Tue 19-Aug-14 16:38:44

I had black granny pants - they don't show the blood if you get a leak, which I thought of as a good thing...
More things not to bother with: I found the hospital very hot so you may find you don't need a vast amount of clothing to stay comfortable, I didn't get dressed to go home iirc as it was evening by the time I was discharged, so went home in yoga pant-type pj bottoms and a top.
Bring two smaller bags if you can - one for your stuff, one for baby's, this can be left in the car until after you deliver, as if you are in for a long labour or have to be transferred from MLU to delivery you won't want to lug all the stuff about.
You shouldn't need baby blankets in the hospital - they will provide those for the crib whilst you're in overnight, ditto hats (and the minute the MW saw DD in one at home I was told off for her 'not needing' it). I think there used to be a baby towel and Johnsons wash in the postnatal Bounty pack, but if you want one that has been prewashed then bring one, (as a word of caution they may also have altered the contents). Actually I think they lent me a towel for the shower (which may be a good idea so that you're not staining a nice one with lochia, as I wasn't fast enough to get clean, dry and onto a pad before bleeding) If you're giving birth after Sept I would put a snowsuit with the car seat, you won't need it until you go home, otherwise a light blanket will be fine.
Don't bring tea tree shower gel - I had an EMCS, so couldn't stand it near either my 'parts' nor my incision, this was a really poor choice! I had about two sets of pjs, with more at home in case I needed them (in for two nights last time).
- Snacks and a straw for drinking without having to tip a cup yourself might be useful
- Charger for phone
- Kindle for night feeds/magazines
- Dark coloured pj trousers (in case of leaks), pack of mat towels
- notepad/pen for noting feed times/sides (in case you need to prove bfing is going OK for discharge, and any questions for paeds/mws so you don't forget them)
- cosmetics bag with things for washing, hair bands and brush

Baby's bag needs a pack of nappies, a few vests and babygros, possibly muslins, and I would bring both wipes and cotton wool (as the latter isn't much cop for meconium), an outfit if you want one for bringing home (I didn't bother as was late and cold so snowsuit covered anyway).

DuckandCat Tue 19-Aug-14 16:40:24

I'll probably pack another bag with some extra bits for me / baby for incase I need to stay in.

And on second thoughts I may take a big towel because I'm hoping to use the pool this time!

Keenoonvino Tue 19-Aug-14 17:09:48

Wow, thanks everyone! going to go through your lists with mine and add and take off stuff

really helpful

Bigbanger Tue 19-Aug-14 18:26:01

I'm taking minimal

Wash bag
Cotton wool
Baby grow x2
Vest x2
Muslin x2
Car seat
Small bottle of baby wash

Not bothering with anything else, if I even make it to the hospital then I'm hoping to be discharged straight away, if not and I have at home everything will be in one bag ready so no routing around

MrsGiraffe12 Tue 19-Aug-14 18:30:34

Yeah 15 pairs of pants but the disposable kind. DH is poor at washing, and I bled lots with DS so I went through about 5 pairs every 24 hours x

MrsGiraffe12 Tue 19-Aug-14 18:31:18

Yeah 15 pairs of pants but the disposable kind. DH is poor at washing, and I bled lots with DS so I went through about 5 pairs every 24 hours x

kitkatkaty87 Tue 19-Aug-14 19:10:13

Did anyone formula feed from birth and if so how much and what things did you pack? I think I'm going to have to due to medication but not as sure what the protocol is for what to bring etc.

PolytheneGirl Tue 19-Aug-14 19:20:20

I think the hospital usually provide milk/formula in disposable bottles. That's what happened at the hospital I had my first in anyway.

WhyOWhyWouldYou Wed 20-Aug-14 09:59:50

Poly they now only normally provide formula if you decide to bf and something goes wrong.

Keenoonvino Wed 20-Aug-14 10:37:21

From how many weeks did you have the bag ready to go? I'm putting stuff in a pile at the moment (32 weeks)...can't believe how much there is! Thought we could take an overnight bag, think it's going to be more like a small suitcase...!!

splendide Wed 20-Aug-14 10:59:45

I'm going to have to lug everything I think as we don't have a car so we'll have to bring baby stuff into the hospital. I'm going to leave an extra bag at home with more stuff for me and the baby in case we end up staying a few days.

MrsDinoRawr Wed 20-Aug-14 12:15:49


I am loving the hospital bag threads - I watched loads of youtube hospital bag videos too.

I am a first time mom and I have probably over packed but here is my list with photos if anyone wants to see...
This list is for my labour/birth bag I will do another list of my after birth/baby bag later.

dashoflime Wed 20-Aug-14 12:25:55

Last time- I went in for a scan and ended up with an emergency caesarian. I had nothing! The things I most missed were: a phone charger and money for the bedside TVs.

Ds was then in SCBU for a while after I came home but I was invited in again to spend some time with him in transitional care before bringing him home. I brought:

5 library books
Notebook and pen
Phone, charger, money
Couple changes of clothes

5 sleepsuits
5 vests

I used everything except:
One pair of joggers that were swelteringly hot in hospital
Baby toy (what was I thinking?)
Nappies (too big for my tiny baby- had to borrow micro sized ones from the hospital)

I could have done with:
More baby clothes
Some food (hospital food was OK but would have been nice to have my own cereal/snacks etc)

Zara8 Wed 20-Aug-14 12:40:03

Packing minimal here, hopefully will get discharged quickly and will get seen at home by community midwives. Baby #2. If I have to stay more than 1 night I will get DH to bring in more things and take laundry home.

2 x hideous primark nighties (one for labour, one for afterwards). Clothes I am wearing when I go in and labour nightie likely to be thrown away at hospital when they invariably end up covered in blood and other bodily fluids.
1 pair primark stretchy/jersey pj pants in dark colour
2 bf camisoles
1 bf bra
1 pack maternity pads
3 pairs giant M&S black granny pants
washbag - hairbrush, toothbrush & paste, soap, travelsize shampoo & conditioner, face moisturiser, anti-perspirant, hairties, travel size handcream
drapey cashmere/wool cardigan big enough to wrap up me and baby (this was good last time)
clean maternity leggings & top to go home in

2 x babygros
2 x vests
8-12 nappies, 1 pack waterwipes (cotton wool and water doesn't cut it on meconium) and some nappy cream
2 x hats
1 x cardigan
merino swaddle wrap thing (maybe, if I remember, baby will probably want to sleep on me, and I can use hospital blanket to swaddle)

lansinoh cream and lansinoh latch assist suction thing (had disaster with latching DS on last time). Might also chuck in a couple of ready made bottles of formula with pre-sterilised teats - it's available at the hospital on request but pinning down staff for help is near fucking impossible.

phone charger

Because the postnatal ward is grim:
2 x maternity bed mats
pack of dettol wipes

Zara8 Wed 20-Aug-14 14:09:16

Kitkat if your hospital doesn't provide formula (check in advance, maybe they will in your case), then the pre-made bottles with teats are best. Various brands do them, they come in boxes of 6-10 I think.

Pack 2 boxes, then find out where is close by for your OH to get more! When you're home you can use bottles, but it's way easier to use pre-mades in hospital

Your hospital may well provide pre-mades, check in advance

Lalalax3 Wed 20-Aug-14 14:57:38

My bag:

iPad/iPhone charger
2 x nighties
1 x pyjamas
Slipper socks
Tracksuit bottoms
3 x old baggy t-shirts
2 x nursing vests
6 x cheapie pants (ASDA 5 for £3 jobbies)
20 x maternity pads
5 x breast pads
Arnica cream
Arnica tablets
Witch hazel/essential oils spray for lady bits
Medication (enough for 7 days)
Travel shampoo
Travel conditioner
Travel shower gel
2 x toothbrush (one each for me and DH)
Travel toothpaste

Baby bag:

Packet of nappies
Pack of wipes (newborn water ones)
Barrier cream
Cotton blanket
3 x plain newborn size sleepsuits
5 x vests (mix of short/long sleeves)
3 x socks
1 x cute outfit for going home in
1 x booties that I knitted
2 x baby hats
Teddy bear
Scratch mitts
Cotton wool

Need to do a little bag for my husband as well as have currently only packed him a change of pants and t-shirt!

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