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Stocking up on nappies - help!

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Lalalax3 Fri 11-Jul-14 13:10:17

I'm a FTM and I have no idea how many of what size Pampers I should get for my newborn. Size 1 seems TINY! I was thinking a couple of packs of size 1 and a couple of boxes of size 2, does that sound reasonable? Help a clueless mama out!

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Fri 11-Jul-14 13:17:53

Don't buy boxes of nappies! Some brands suit some babies, some others. A lot of people find themselves shopping around a bit until they find something that suits.

Also, the shops don't shut when you give birth! Someone will still have to food shop, so no reason they can't pick up some nappies at the same time.

Size 1 is tiny, but will almost certainly be needed to start with. My babies were all over 8lb and all needed size 1 to start with.

FavaBeanPyramidScheme Fri 11-Jul-14 13:25:40

I agree - don't bother! If it's about cost, then just order from amazon when your baby is here, as and when you need them, and they'll be delivered in a few days. I would just buy some newborn size 1s to get you started. My DS was over 9 lbs and wore those for weeks. Also, nappies are really adjustable. There's a lot of flexibility between sizes - two different sizes can both fit nicely.

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Fri 11-Jul-14 13:27:32

I move onto cloth as they get bigger, but I'd say that when they are older is probably when you can save lots of money bulk buying most easily. Lots of children will be in the bigger sizes for a long time.

Doje Fri 11-Jul-14 13:40:31

Nappie sizes overlap quite a lot too! My lo was in 1's for quite a while, but only needed one pack of 2's before he went into size 3. Agree with the others not to stock up. Buy a few small packs, one from each brand so you find the ones you like / work best.

RoseberryTopping Fri 11-Jul-14 13:43:17

Same as everyone else, just buy a couple of packs of 1s for now. Also though, don't get pampers. They cost a fortune and are no better than Asda or Aldi nappies.

NatashaBee Fri 11-Jul-14 13:44:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Fri 11-Jul-14 13:48:18

The smell of Pampers makes me retch too!

crazykat Fri 11-Jul-14 13:53:58

Just buy a couple of packs of size 1 an then buy when needed. I've always bought single packs until they get into size 3 when mine have all tended to be in the size longer.

Boots nappies are really good, better than pampers IMO and they're cheaper. Plus if you join the baby club you get 10 points per £1 spent on baby products (so 10% of what you spend).

The pampers new baby wipes are good though as I find cheap wipes can be very thin. Pampers wipes are expensive but are usually on offer in one or other supermarket or boots.

Madamecastafiore Fri 11-Jul-14 13:57:05

I wouldn't pay a premium for pampers. They are incredibly chemically.

Did has been in either Natura or boots own brand and it depends on how kid is built. DD is long and thin so has nappies for bigger kid.

Teds77 Fri 11-Jul-14 14:04:23

I bought a stock of size 0s as I was expecting twins and they are more difficult to just pick up at a local shop. My twins weren't prem and ended up good sizes (6lb11 and 6lb6) but I managed to use up all the size 0s I'd got. Anyway, point is, size 1 will be fine! Given that the wee/poo isn't too explosive in early days, also agree that you don't need to splash out on pampers. Low/no chemical nappies do smell so much nicer too - check out spirit of nature website if interested.

bumpiesonamission Fri 11-Jul-14 14:08:20

I'd get a grab pack of size 0 pampers and then wait. I have friends who have hundreds(one literally has) of too small nappies or leaky ones that they can't use.

Just wait and find your preferred brand when lo is here.

Artandco Fri 11-Jul-14 14:21:22

Def try and smell a clean nappy first. The disposable ones even clean made me retch! The smell of a filled reusable nappy didn't even make me do that!

If we did need disposable ie for holidays we used naty from Waitrose which are Eco friendly and cheaper than pampers

Also wouldn't stock up on wipes, most gave mine a rash even if used on hands as so chemically so used reusable wipes also or water wipes (amazon stock)

Mrsgrumble Fri 11-Jul-14 14:24:35

I recommend boots newborn nappies. I would buy four packs but no more. You really don't need more than that. They will do you a while.

Once you are recovered a little, it's good to have an excuse to get out of the house.

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Fri 11-Jul-14 14:34:22

Art - We use Naty for the early stages and overnight too. They are the only ones where the smell doesn't make me heave, and which don't give my kids awful, awful nappy rash. You can get them in Boots and Sainsburys too.

Artandco Fri 11-Jul-14 14:37:21


Artandco Fri 11-Jul-14 14:38:44

Oops. Penguins - regular wipes freaked me out a little by how well they get off any stain. I mean it wiped permenant pen off surfaces, and cleans up nail varnish! Hence we don't use on baby skin

callamia Fri 11-Jul-14 14:44:38

My baby zoomed through size twos in about a fortnight, so I wouldn't stick up on any like that until you know what you've got.

Agree that pampers are horrid and chemically. Although the sensitive newborn ones were ok for us. They're also so full of colour that it's really hard to work out what's wee and what's dye. I also found it hard to see what was a properly wet nappy - the indicator goes blue with little provocation (so you spend more money on more nappies obv). We used naty before moving to cloth too. I quite liked boots own, and I think they're the same as co-op own brand.

ilovebooks Fri 11-Jul-14 15:12:58

I have found Aldi nappies by far the best and loads cheaper. Have won tons of awards. £1 something for first size.. Amazing.

slightlyinsane Fri 11-Jul-14 15:33:48

I don't see the problem in stocking up on nappies if you see a really good offer. Supermarkets are very happy to exchange them if you need to swap them. I do agree with others about not all brands fit los. Over the yrs I found pampers were better with my skinnier los and I used huggies on chunkier ones, not that they are available anymore.
With my twins I had to use pampers micro for about 3 wks before moving upto size 1. At 7 wks we are using Sainsburys size 1 and I'm really pleased I stocked up as it's one less thing to have to think about in first few wks. At the mo I have 2 different shaped babies and if they don't even out I might end up using 2 different brands of nappies. I've found that all nappies fit until middle to upper end of size 2 and then it was trial and error to find the right ones.

My DD is 13 weeks and only moved up into size 2 nappies last week - and she isn't particularly tiny, she's about 25th centile.

You more than likely will need Size 1 nappies, but there's no rush to get them now. Get a pack (not a box) so that you've got some for the hospital. You may chop and change until you find the brand that works for you - we alternate between ALDI Mamia and Pampers.

Emmie10 Sat 12-Jul-14 08:53:52

I stocked up a bit in advance. I used pampers size1 and 2 then branched out and tried some different brands. We use aldis mostly now. A couple of packs of size1 might be enough depending on how big/small your baby is. I agree who the pampers (active fit) having a horrible smell but the newborn ones were ok.

weebairn Sat 12-Jul-14 08:57:24

Almost everyone I know uses supermarket own brands which are a lot cheaper and just as good.

Cloth nappies are brilliant and we've got a lot of use and saved a lot of money with them, but I got into them around 3-4 months when life was less of a blur! Sometimes they are not that straightforward and you have to experiment with different types a bit so I don't tend to recommend them for first time mums from day one unless they are really keen. Am going to try straight from birth this time but that's only because I'm already regularly washing DC1's nappies anyway.

weebairn Sat 12-Jul-14 08:59:44

I agree it can be hard to tell if baby is weeing in a disposable nappy which can make you a bit anxious in the early days.My midwife gave me a tip, if you're not sure, you can put a cotton wool ball in the nappy then it's easy to tell if it's wet or not.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Sat 12-Jul-14 09:38:56

Aldi, Asda and Morrisons nappies are great.

I agree don't buy loads as you may find they leak and you have to change brands. I've got a two year old and we've probably tried every make there is.

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