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Would anyone be around to hold my hand this evening please?

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Armadale Thu 02-Jan-14 12:51:11

I have an eight week scan booked for late this afternoon.

I am really scared of the outcome.

It is my sixth pregnancy without a baby so far.

It has got to the point now where DH and I don't tell anyone I'm pregnant, as it is just too hard to them tell them I've lost another one, so we don't have any RL support.

weebleswillwobble Thu 02-Jan-14 12:52:20

Here for handholding. I'll be thinking of you this afternoon.

RhondaJean Thu 02-Jan-14 12:53:08

Ill be here.

Armadale Thu 02-Jan-14 12:53:44

thank you both x

Nospringflower Thu 02-Jan-14 12:54:03

Me too - really hope it's good news for you.

AutumnshadesofGold Thu 02-Jan-14 12:54:24

I'll be here too, keeping everything crossed for you smile

Mildpanic Thu 02-Jan-14 12:54:30

Hand to hold here. Will be keeping everything crossed for you this afternoon.
You must be so anxious. I hope time moves quickly for you till the scan.

mumof5plusazoo Thu 02-Jan-14 12:55:33

I'm here too. Good luck I hope everything is alright.

Mabelandrose Thu 02-Jan-14 12:56:09

Sending you lots of luck smile

Extremewife Thu 02-Jan-14 12:56:47

Good luck hope everything is Ok - happy to hold your hand

picnicbasketcase Thu 02-Jan-14 12:57:47

Thinking of you and hoping for good news for you both. thanks

eurochick Thu 02-Jan-14 12:58:29


I have The Fear too. I have my early scan tomorrow. I've had one pregnancy before and the early scan showed the foetus had failed to develop. It's taken us 3 years and 4 rounds of IVF to get here.

I really, really hope that this is your time. x

Trooperslane Thu 02-Jan-14 12:58:58

I'm here. brewthanks GL x

nyldn Thu 02-Jan-14 12:59:11

Best wishes for this afternoon, hope everything goes well.

kohl Thu 02-Jan-14 12:59:19

I won't be able to post this afternoon, but I'll be thinking of you. This must be such an anxious time. Lots and lots of luck and good wishes.

FortyMerryFuckers Thu 02-Jan-14 13:00:54

Hope it goes well OP so sorry you've been having such a crap time xx

AndMiffyWentToSleep Thu 02-Jan-14 13:02:46

Fingers crossed for you.

CinnabarRed Thu 02-Jan-14 13:03:23

Thinking of you and your DH.

neolara Thu 02-Jan-14 13:06:23

Wishing you lots of luck for this afternoon. I remember the feeling well. I had 4 mc.

PenguinsDontEatStollen Thu 02-Jan-14 13:09:12

<hand holding>

BEEwitched Thu 02-Jan-14 13:14:52

I'll be thinking of you and here to virtually clutch at your hand.

ajandjjmum Thu 02-Jan-14 13:20:19

Keeping fingers crossed for you.

Armadale Thu 02-Jan-14 13:26:39

Oh thank you so much, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the messages.

I'm setting off now, I'm sure they are used to panickers like me arriving three hours early.

Eurochick, I really hope your scan goes well tomorrow.

PicardyThird Thu 02-Jan-14 13:29:27

Thinking of you.
6 mc here, though am also lucky enough to have two children, and it is really beyond shite.
So much hope this time is the one for you xxxxxx
Holding your hand too, eurochick.

stickysausages Thu 02-Jan-14 13:32:51

Thinking of you both, know the fear all too well thanks

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