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PG after MC: Posifrickentivity as we await more scans and thread babies!

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katatonic Tue 12-Nov-13 22:40:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

katatonic Tue 12-Nov-13 22:42:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

katatonic Tue 12-Nov-13 22:42:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pixielady83 Tue 12-Nov-13 22:45:15

Thanks kat grin

shellsocks Tue 12-Nov-13 22:47:34

Thanks for the new thread kat smile

Marking place awaiting news from pushing yet wink

IBelieveInPink Tue 12-Nov-13 23:03:02

Haha. Thank you for the new thread.

No pushing yet. Have cleaned the house and had shower etc. and dinner. Now bouncing on ball. Getting a few aches, but nothing that really feels like contractions yet. Kinda just feels like when baby pushes her bum out, but a bit more painful? Hmm

Penguinita Tue 12-Nov-13 23:03:24

Thanks kat. You get good karma for that.

Let's keep up the batshit craziness on the thread too, otherwise I'll have to find a RL outlet for it and that would be very scary... wink

shellsocks Tue 12-Nov-13 23:08:49

You should sleep if you can, just in case things are still a way off....may be impossible I know! You got a TENS?

JanieLovesLuckySocks Tue 12-Nov-13 23:09:52

Ooh pink hope the rest if your night goes well be it asleep or on your way to hospital smilesmilesmilesmile good luck sweetie!! Can't wait to check in in the morning (or every hour as I wake up too excited!!) xxx

Thanks fir the new thread x

LuckySocks13 Tue 12-Nov-13 23:17:39

Thinking of you pink. Good idea to get some rest and save you're energy. Look forward to checking in with you tomorrow smile

LuckySocks13 Tue 12-Nov-13 23:17:59


IBelieveInPink Tue 12-Nov-13 23:19:17

Hospital want me in for a check first, so no sleeping just yet unfortunately! Hopefully will find out a bit more about what happens when though. Don't like the not knowing! smile
Thanks you all for being so lovely as usual. Is nice to be able to share this all!

BlackholesAndRevelations Tue 12-Nov-13 23:22:18

Ooh I'm sure i will be checking in each time I go for a wee in the night!

Hope itgoes quickly and smoothly, pink!

BumpKitty Tue 12-Nov-13 23:26:44

I think they will check that it is your waters (even though you know it is!) then they will see how dilated you are. They can only leave a certain amount of time before waters going and getting the baby out due to risk of infection, not sure how long though - does anyone else know? Then, depending on how dilated you are, they may send you home again till things kick off grin

jmf294 Wed 13-Nov-13 00:00:57

Good luck pink!!
Thinking of you.

Pentagon Wed 13-Nov-13 00:44:27

pink how exciting! Good luck hun, I hope it goes quickly and smoothly! Please keep us updated

huff, kitkat and honey welcome and congratulations! You'll find lots of hand-holding and support on this thread

boba so good to hear from you! How nice that DS1 is happy with DS2 now smile

bump I think it's 24-48 hours...not sure when it's 24 and when 48 though, hmmmm...

IBelieveInPink Wed 13-Nov-13 00:57:01

Update - been to hospital, definitely waters smile being sent home for 24 hours to see if contractions start. If they don't, back in tomorrow for induction. Exciting!

GardenWorm Wed 13-Nov-13 05:45:35

Ooh now that is exciting Pink, I hope things have started for you? XXX

Thanks for starting the new thread Kat smile

IBelieveInPink Wed 13-Nov-13 06:04:49

Contractions started about 2am, went thought til about 4am getting more regular. So I got up to phone hospital, they stopped completely! Seems to only start when I am lying down.... Helpful! Had about half hours sleep. Any ideas?

BumpKitty Wed 13-Nov-13 07:10:26

Well to kick them off again maybe a bath or a walk? But if you need some sleep maybe what pixie said - paracetamol and bed. It's a bit hard to sleep though when you are so excited grin

Bakingtins Wed 13-Nov-13 07:13:12

Bound to be a thread baby today then grin good luck pink !

Thundercatsarego Wed 13-Nov-13 07:31:26

Hello all, stranger thunder here. Popped in to see how you're all doing and saw pink's news- so exciting. Good luck!

Huffpot Wed 13-Nov-13 07:32:42

How exciting pink
Could you get some sleep sitting up?

BobaFetaCheese Wed 13-Nov-13 07:34:12

pink, Good luck! I'd say rest (ahaha) as much as you can now as if you go to an induction it might be a but tough! Fingers crossed you're close to pushing!

livingzuid Wed 13-Nov-13 07:35:34

Good luck pink!

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