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Partial Placenta Previa at 20 week scan

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heidihole Mon 23-Sep-13 19:14:27

Didnt want to hijack thread someone else just posted so have started my own. Also I am only partially covering the internal OS and other poster is fully covering.

What am I looking at here? statistically? At 20 weeks with it only covering some of the OS how likely is it to budge over before crunch time? Sonographer seemed pessimistic that it would move but i've read about them moving. And 20 weeks is quite early isn't it?

What sort of gestation do people reach? I'm guessing i'm less likely to have these major bleeds I've read about because its not covering the whole cervix being stretched 2 different ways, it's only on one side. How many people with partial PP make it to 37/38 weeks and have an elective c-sec? Because thats what I've walked away from the scan imagining but now I read of people on bed rest (eek!), major bleeds (eek eek!) and then delivering c-sec anywhere from 32 weeks +!

I know none of you have a crystal ball. I suppose I'm just trying to get my thoughts straight in my head!

Ktay Mon 23-Sep-13 19:25:52

I had a bad one (wasn't graded but it was almost entirely covering os). The dr gave me a 50:50 chance of it moving sufficiently in time and mw was v pessimistic. Anyway, by 32 or 34 wk scan it was borderline ok (3cm away) and well clear 4 weeks later. Obviously you do have to heed their warnings as it can have serious consequences but there is a real chance you will be fine. Good luck and try not to google too much!

heidihole Mon 23-Sep-13 19:54:30

thank you! impossible to stay off Google isn't it smile Thank you for a happy ending story. Can only wait i suppose. Getting re-scanned at 32 weeks to see if there has been any change.

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