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Getting through the first trimester

(39 Posts)
SeriousStuff Thu 31-Jan-13 09:45:25

Hi all! I'm just moving over to the pregnancy pages as I got my BFP yesterday! My DH and I started TTC beginning of Jan so this has taken us by surprise a bit as we were expecting to be DTD for a good long while yet (DH obviously takes this as a reflection of his manliness, I just don't think my egg was that fussy!)

Anyway, after the initial shock, I'm now getting quite nervous about the next few weeks until our first scan. How did you all get through it without worrying too much that something might go wrong at this early stage? Any tips as to what to do/not to do. As we don't want to jinx it by planning too much, it means I can't distract myself with lists and shopping for cool baby stuff either...

And trying not to tell sister is coming round later. She'll be the first person I've seen since I tested last night and I'm definitely not telling her but it's going to be difficult!

BraveLilBear Thu 31-Jan-13 11:04:57

First of all congrats! And welcome to the weirdest few weeks of your life!

Eat well now (as healthy as possible) as you might not be able to for much longer. Take folic acid/a good prenatal vitamin. See a doc or self-refer to midwives to get in the system.

And then just take care of yourself. It can be a difficult time, lots of waiting and worrying and not feeling amazing (if you're anything like me).

Good luck

SeriousStuff Thu 31-Jan-13 11:31:25

Thanks BraveLilBear. Since it was confirmed, I am so careful with my food as I'm determined to eat as well as possible especially whilst I don't have any nausea. Folic acid is well in the system by now (taking it since Oct) but have moved to the pregnancy supplements so should be covered!

Hoping for a Dr appointment on Monday but you can't book one ahead, just call first thing. Really want her view on exercising. I'm quite fit and have been exercising 4-5 times a week until now, but think I should check my blood pressure etc... before I start on a pregnancy exercise plan.

DH and I still can't believe it, we just keep looking at each other and smile, A LOT!

So far, I'm actually feeling full of energy, to the point of being quite hyper. I suffer from anxiety (but that's controlled with medication currently) so I do wonder whether the hormonal changes are maybe making me feel more on edge, with increased nervous energy! All good though.

Can't wait for the 1st scan just so I can blurt it out to people!

Verekerlady Thu 31-Jan-13 11:53:39

Congrats! I'm in week 6 with my second and in the throes of nausea and tiredness already but having a toddler might contribute to the tiredness! I'd ask your doctor about the medication you're on and the pregnancy, these first few weeks are important for the baby but apart fom that just kick back and relax. I'm mega stressed at the moment with buying a new house (great timing!) so I know how hard it can be to chill out, but that's probably the best thing you can do right now. I'm useless at not telling anyone, already told my sisters and three friends!

With my first pregnancy I was running until the 35th week, but that's gone out the window since DD arrived, although running after her is exercise enough.

Eat well, sleep well and enjoy it smile

Rache1S Thu 31-Jan-13 12:56:50

Firstly congratulations and welcome to the club!

It's difficult to advise what to expect as everyone is different but my nausea/exhaustion hit at about 6.5 weeks and lasted through to week 15, so if you're feeling tip top now just enjoy it and hope you are one of these lucky buggers who doesn't get MS!

Telling people is also an individual thing. I told close family and friends straight away and was forced to tell a few others, including work, after a few weeks as the MS was too difficult to hide, but if you get a smooth ride you can tell people whenever you feel comfortable. You must make sure you tell your employer if any element of your work may pose a risk as they are obliged to do a risk assessment as soon as you tell them and may have to change your role.

You are fine to carry on exercising normally if that was your routine before getting pregnant but now is probably not the time to try anything new.

SeriousStuff Thu 31-Jan-13 13:25:34

Thanks Verekerlady and Rachel1S

Luckily, I discussed my medication with the Dr before TTC and she advised that the benefits of staying on them would outweigh those from stopping them and possibly suffering anxiety and depression during (and after) pregnancy. I'm only on 10mg so not too worried about it.

It's funny how, even though there's nothing to see yet, I'm already protective of my stomach - the dog has been told by no means is he allowed to jump up at my stomach and when my DH and I DTD last night, I was so wary of it in the missionary position (sorry TMI!). As I write, I'm sitting here with my top button open as I'm worried about putting too much pressure on it!

Sorry can you tell I'm just babbling on?! MN is great to unload when you can't discuss with anyone in 'real life' yet!

wanderingalbatross Thu 31-Jan-13 20:17:48

Congratulations smile I got pregnant really quickly, so I know how strange it is to happen quickly when you've prepared yourself for more of a wait. A lot of people find they have to eat regularly to stave off nausea/sickness, so get lots of healthy snacks in. It's obviously great to try and eat healthily, but if the only way to not be sick is to eat bread and sweets all day long then don't worry about it - anything to get through smile Tiredness is also a common symptom so batch cooking and freezing is also great for those days when you really don't have the energy.

And you don't need to worry about pressure on your tummy too much. Until about 12 weeks, baby is safely tucked behind the pelvic bone out of trouble.

Finally, don't feel you have to keep it quiet till 12 weeks. Tell family/close friends if you like and are sure they won't blab. The first trimester can be tough going so you might like the support.

SeriousStuff Thu 31-Jan-13 22:47:29

wanderingalbatross really appreciate your advice and does sound like common sense!

Yes, wasn't prepared to be thinking of this now and had accepted that with every month we'd have to try, at least we'd have an extra month to save! Not complaining though, I enjoy observing how I react and deal with this new development!

Pocket1 Fri 01-Feb-13 17:30:36

Congratulations! Fab news smile

Eat as well as you can (subject to any sickness) - but if you just fancy tea and toast, have it. You'll go through phases about what you do and don't want to eat and it will probably even out.

Relax as much as you can, your body will tell you if you need to rest.

Take a good vitamin supplement - I was recommended the zita west ones (and to avoid pregnacare which are apparently not very good).

It's easier to hide an early pregnancy than you think - you'll feel far more suspicious than you look. You can use the new year as an excuse to hide any changes to your our usual routine, eg giving up drinking, eating more healthily etc. Having said that, it turns out that quite a few of the mums I work with just had an inkling that I was pregnant before I announced. But no one will say anything to you before you tell them.

Good luck and enjoy it! smile

PoseyParker Fri 01-Feb-13 18:37:29

Huge congrats. What a lovely surprise. I found it a real mental challenge getting through the first trimester. The worry can be crazy and whilst this never really goes away (so far but I'm only 20 weeks with my first) I think the best thingfor a reduced stress first baby/first trimester is stay away from Dr. google!

Good luck. It's an awesome journey!

MissyTJ Sat 02-Feb-13 17:12:08

Hi SeriousStuff and congratulations! I am in almost exactly the same boat, just found out today I am pg, very shocked it happened so quickly, and I am also on anti-anxiety meds (discussed with doc, all ok). It will be nice to go through this process with you! I'm also nervous about telling anyone but equally not sure how I can hold then news in for 3 months! :-)

SeriousStuff Sat 02-Feb-13 22:26:39

pocket and posey thank you!

Missy huge congratulations! How many weeks do you think you are? Would be great to hear your experience of the next 3 months too. I have the most wonderful Dr. I can't get an appointment with her til Wed so she rang me to check how I was feeling considering my medications.

Had to buy 2 maternity and sleep bras yesterday already! My breasts have gone from 32 D (sounds big but I have a very small back!) to 34DD in 2 weeks. The new bras feel so good. I've also bought one of these because even though I don't have a proper bump yet, my middle is so bloated and I don't want to buy proper maternity clothes until I'm a bit bigger.

Have seen most of my family and some friends and their babies this weekend and I was bursting to tell someone but managed to keep it in.

Having some twinges and AF style back pain but these are starting to feel quite comforting as it means stuff's happenning in there!

MissyTJ Sun 03-Feb-13 11:55:09

I am only about 3 weeks seriousstuff, so doesn't quite feel real yet, I'm getting such weird twinges and panicking my period is about to start. I think I will be very nervous until I hit about 9 weeks and can hear a heartbeat at the docs! I watched my mum go through 5 miscarriages as a kid and its made me so paranoid! However, I am very happy and thinking positive thoughts! Can't believe you've already had to buy bras! Mine are sore but not growing yet. Cripes, our bodies are going to change loads! smile

Christelle2207 Sun 03-Feb-13 11:57:46

Hi serious, no real advice as such but just to say I've been extremely anxious so far (because ttc for ages partly) am now 14 weeks and you do get through it! Having a small bump which gets bigger is fab reassurance. Personally I found the wait till 12 too much and paid for a private scan at 8- having googled to death I learnt that if there is a heartbeat at 8 weeks and all is well things are overwhelmingly in your favour-less than 1% chance of m/ c assuming no significant risk factors. waiting till 8 weeks not nearly as bad as till 12 so I would recommend this if you have the money (and not the patience, as in my case). We didn't tell anyone until after this, told family only, now telling more people as the 12 wk scan also fine.

SeriousStuff Sun 03-Feb-13 18:59:00

Missy it is hard not to worry isn't it? I had some really faint pink colour in my CM earlier and had a bit of a meltdown. I know it can be a sign of implantation or other things that happen up there but seeing Dr on Wed so at least I know I can discuss anything with her then.

Christelle congratulations on your pregnancy! Will keep this private option in mind, thanks!

I exercised (very carefully) for the first time today since I found out. I've been doing the Tracy Anderson Method for nearly 3 years and I bought her Pregnancy Programme before Christmas (just in case!). 30mins of very low intensity work and a lot of stretching. So glad I did it as I'm feeling great now. Had the fan blasting behind me the whole time though as paranoid about overheating.

Are any of you guys doing any form of exercise and/or carrying on as normal?

elsabel Sun 03-Feb-13 20:03:14

Hi seriousstuff and everyone else, it was a looonnnggg 12 weeks for me...all i can suggest is to do gentle exercise (i went for long walks), eat well and try not to worry too much. I literally counted the days but remember every day that passes your little one is a bit stronger. I told my parents and 1 close friend as it helped to be able to talk to someone about it, even if its just to moan!

Im now 23 weeks and still worry alot but it does get easier, good luck!

MissyTJ Sun 03-Feb-13 20:48:07

Ahh christelle that is such a good idea! I am definitely going to look into that!

seriousstuff that must've been scary but I think it does sound like implantation bleeding, hopefully the doc can put your mind at rest on weds. Regarding exercise, I was hoping to lose about a stone before I conceived (whoops!) because I'd put on a bit over past two months, I'm about 150 pounds but at 5'10 everyone thinks I'm 'thin' bit all I see is a fat belly! Anyway, I am determined to put on minimal weight whilst staying healthy and also to do exercise as its good for the mind, so today I went to the gym and just did a gentle work out, a brisk walk to warm up and then 15 mins on the crosstrainer on a low setting. I was recently doing 20 min jog followed by 25 mins in crosstrainer (not regularly but about once a week) so I think that is ok. I am going to talk it through with my Doc and find out what is safe etc, but from reading around it sounds like walking and swimming and pregnancy yoga are all really good for you. Am hoping to find a yoga class at some point, could do with the relaxation! :-)

Christelle2207 Sun 03-Feb-13 21:25:07

Defo keep at the exercise has helped me feel well. I actually managed a 10 mile race at 6 weeks, still running though shorter distances. The rule is not to dramatically increase your exercise regime and don't overdo it or overheat.

SeriousStuff Mon 04-Feb-13 00:33:12

Christelle I'm very impressed by your race. I had to give up running way before PG because of my old lady hips! It was taking me forever to recover from long runs.

Missy I'm the same - thought I'd have more time to lose my Christmas weight, but nope! Could have done with going down half a stone but I'm determined to keep fit and at a healthy weight.

Here's to another week of wonders and worries. Good luck all!

BookWormery Mon 04-Feb-13 01:06:26

OP - where did you get the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVD from? Can't see it on Amazon.

SeriousStuff Mon 04-Feb-13 09:54:06

Hey BookWormery I actually bought it from her website (and paid the £20 customs fee!). But, I've since found it on here as part of a pregnancy package and it might work out cheaper if you're using the lotions etc. Are you already doing her method?

BookWormery Mon 04-Feb-13 11:23:13

Thanks SeriousStuff. No I'm not doing her method at the moment but might start again this week. I'm not pregnant yet but I'd like to do some exercise when I (hopefully) am so might try the Pregnancy Project if it's any good?

SeriousStuff Tue 05-Feb-13 14:18:04

BookWormery it is much easier than her usual stuff!

I've got my first appointment with my Dr tomorrow - what should I expect? Will I get to organise the scan date with her or will I have to meet the MW first?

BookWormery Tue 05-Feb-13 19:25:32

Your doctor will (I think) refer you to the midwife services, if that makes sense. They'll check your dates etc and maybe give you some info and whatnot. The date and info for your first appointment with the midwife and your scan date will be posted to you. This is how it works round here anyway smile

SeriousStuff Wed 06-Feb-13 10:21:16

Just been to the Dr. Unfortunately my regular Dr was off as her child is ill today so went for an emergency appointment as I couldn't stand to wait for another week! Luckily he was lovely and didn't stop smiling and saying encouraging things the whole time. Hoping to see MW in 2 weeks (at 8 weeks pg), then scan at 12. I'm already booked in for a flu jab tomorrow morning and was told I'd need a mumps injection at around 28 weeks.

Hope all you ladies are hanging on in there!

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