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Am I pregnant? Sainsburys Tests????

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PipsWife Wed 05-Sep-12 22:18:34

Has anyone used Sainsburys digital home pregnancy tests?

It has a plastic holder and you basically slide a usual urine type preg test into the digital reader and it says 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant' anyway i got the one with two tests so one plastic holder and 2 parts to insert, both times i've messed up insertion and it says 'leaflet' - damn thing won't let you re-insert to re-test. But when I looked at the part to insert (looks like basic hospital type preg test) it had two lines, am I pregnant? I am going to buy another test tomo (not sainsburys!!) to re-test but just wondered if anyone had used these before and looked at the insert part afterwards!? MC in June so a little emotional - clutching at straws maybe.

I hope that makes sense - it's late!!

TyrionTheImp Wed 05-Sep-12 22:22:31

Sadly you shouldn't pay any mind to what's inside. Sounds a ridiculously complicated sort of test. Poundshops do 2 for £1 and you just wee in a pot and dip. It's pretty hard to mess it up.

I'm so sorry for your miscarriage. You will of course be very anxious. Good luck.

PipsWife Wed 05-Sep-12 22:45:32

I know you're right.
I'll try to get to a pound shop.
Tried BP garage and Londis on my way home from work and neither even sold preg tests!! sad

Secondsop Wed 05-Sep-12 22:49:15

Hi pipswife sorry that you're going through this;
Unfortunately I don't think you can read anything into what the inner bits of digital tests say. I remember reading something possibly on about how if you take apart a clear blue digital it might well have 2 lines but that doesn't mean the same as a "normal" 2 lines. Superdrug's own brand tests, if you have one near you, are also pretty cheap and reliable and easy to read. Best of luck x

glub Wed 05-Sep-12 22:55:56

supermarket own brands have proved 100% reliable for me and i've taken a few. sainsburys used to do a £3 ish one which did the job. tescos does a double pack for not much more. also accurate for me. both very straightforward: line or no line. hope you get the result you're after.

furrygoldone Thu 06-Sep-12 00:04:04

Thought i might be able to help, but I only used the bog standard sainsburys test which was fine. That one sounds unnecessarily complicated. Hope you manage to some sleep and can get to a shop nice and early, fingers crossed for you.

Badgerina Thu 06-Sep-12 00:46:33

I'd get a different type and re-test if I were you. I used a regular Sainsburys test (one with lines, not digital) way back in January, when my period was 3 days late. The result was unequivocal.

Fingers crossed for you! smile

openerofjars Thu 06-Sep-12 01:01:34

Tesco test all the way, wee on stick, look at stick, freak out or have wine. Piece of piss cake.

Good luck!

10storeylovesong Thu 06-Sep-12 07:47:28

Don't want to give false hope, but I bought the tesco digital tests that work in the same way as yours. I did the same as you with the first test but noticed that it had 2 lines, tried the second a minute later and it came back positive. The word pregnant only stayed on the screen for an hour and when I took the insert out it also had 2 lines. As far as I'm aware, the insert itself works the same as a normal pee test, but the little digital thing is just to confirm it to people like me that needed to see the word to believe it!

Good luck! I hope you get the answer you want. Let us know!

Flosie1989 Thu 06-Sep-12 08:53:48

How did you get on pipswife ? Did you manage to get a test?

PeshwariNaan Thu 06-Sep-12 10:43:22

Yes - I got a big, clear "Pregnant" in the window three days before I missed my period on a Sainsburys digital test. Mine also had two blue lines when I pulled it out, but I don't think that's anything to rely on from what I've heard. Just keep testing!

EdMcDunnough Thu 06-Sep-12 11:20:33

I had an 'early bird' one from saisnburys which is supposed to be 25miu sensitivity, but in fact showed a proper line when the internet dippers I had were still wavering (supposed to me 10miu)

It was about 2.99

PipsWife Thu 06-Sep-12 20:19:33

I've got 4 Tesco tests. I think the young boy in tescos express thought i was crazy, esp with my small for her age 15 month old in my arms!!

But I'll have to wait for early morning urine.

Wish me luck. Promise to report back.

not really thinking about having a glass of wine to calm my nerves

Notmyselfatall Thu 06-Sep-12 20:21:11

Just read your thread smile aww good luck pipswife grin x

TyrionTheImp Thu 06-Sep-12 20:21:33

Oh have the wine. Doctor's orders.

PS I'm not really a doctor.

RightUpMyRue Thu 06-Sep-12 20:23:14

4 tests? POAS now!

Flosie1989 Thu 06-Sep-12 20:52:27

Ahh good luck! Let us know first thing tomorrow! Xxx

PipsWife Fri 07-Sep-12 06:35:21

Well, I couldn't wait and did one last night!! Faint line so I thought good good and I'll test again this morning, with early morning urine so i have but it is even fainter!? It's there but I have to squint!!

And a bit of blood this morning.

Off to the doctor I think.

Flosie1989 Fri 07-Sep-12 07:58:16

How strange. Maybe just visit the doctor as you say and do a test there. They also might do a blood test for you. Fingers crossed smile

10storeylovesong Fri 07-Sep-12 09:00:22

Good luck at the doctors. When was Af due?

PipsWife Fri 07-Sep-12 15:17:22

Positive test at the doctors.
Due to some blood today (brown not much-TMI) I am going back on Monday and then probably go to EPU. As I was there in June with MC it's quite daunting thinking I'm back to that again but also hopeful this maybe viable.

Basically I thought I'd had a period last week but it was short/light/ different in hind sight so I thought i'd test - then the sainsburys digital ones failed on me well I was useless at using them

So maybe it was implantation!?

Sorry if i seem all over the place. I'm in shock really. Just come to terms with MC to find I'm either 6 wks preg or MCing again sad

openerofjars Fri 07-Sep-12 15:43:42

Oh, bless you. I so hope it's implantation for you. Good luck!

Secondsop Fri 07-Sep-12 20:57:30

Everything is crossed for you pipswife x

Secondsop Fri 07-Sep-12 20:59:19

Also, I've had brown spotting almost all the way through this pregnancy, especially at the start, and am 26 weeks now. I had a previous miscarriage where the first symptom was also brown spotting so worried all the way through this one, but i'm proof that brown blood doesn't always mean the worst, even if it has for you in the past.

PipsWife Fri 07-Sep-12 21:26:24

Thanks for the reassurance.

Told husband this evening (he's away with work all week) and as it was so sad before he doesn't want us to get our hopes up. So weekend of fingers crossed before scan Monday.

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