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Bleeding at 8 weeks.

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PedanticPanda Sun 12-Aug-12 22:42:32

oh my gosh, I've started bleeding really lightly, what do I do??

I'm 8 weeks pregnant, miscarried last year quite early on in pregnancy so am really worried now.

Do I just sit here and wait to see if it gets worse?

backwardpossom Sun 12-Aug-12 22:53:24

I'd phone EPU first thing in the morning. If the bleeding gets bad, go to A&E?

backwardpossom Sun 12-Aug-12 22:53:43

Also, have a hug. It's so scary to see blood x

cosysocks Sun 12-Aug-12 23:01:17

Trip to A&E if it gets heavy, EPU tomorow? really big hug and fingers crossed everything is okay.

PedanticPanda Sun 12-Aug-12 23:07:13

Thanks everyone, I phoned dp's uncle as he's a gp and he says the same. I'm really worrie but am trying not to panic.

backwardpossom Sun 12-Aug-12 23:08:52

Is it red or brown blood, Panda?

PedanticPanda Sun 12-Aug-12 23:19:26

Brown, is that ok?

backwardpossom Sun 12-Aug-12 23:20:36

It's better than red, that's for sure! Brown blood is thought to be old blood, so not fresh. Fingers crossed.

Penny2012 Mon 13-Aug-12 00:53:55

I had this as well and everything was fine. I was upset by not knowing whether it was going to miscarry or not and feeling like my body was playing games with me - it kept starting and stopping. You get obsessed with knicker- checking! I was sent for early scan to check on baby which put my mind at ease a little but until the bleeding stopped I wouldn't stop worrying. The worrying doesn't actually help but it's natural. It's quite common to have a blood discharge around this time as it's when your period would have been. Good luck hun. I'm sure it's probably nothing. xx

NoComet Mon 13-Aug-12 01:41:39

Both my little darlings did this to me, very scary. Fingers X for you.

PedanticPanda Mon 13-Aug-12 10:17:27

Thanks for all the responses, I was up late worrying and checking but it eventually stopped about 2am to my relief and it didn't get heavier all night, it was just really light spotting until then. I'm going to the doctors today to make sure though.

InchyInchy Mon 13-Aug-12 10:22:17

Let us know how you get on.

I had spotting at around 5-6 weeks - So stressful! But it doesn't always indicate something is wrong, I'm 14 weeks today...

PedanticPanda Mon 13-Aug-12 18:09:19

I had some spotting today again so went straight to the early pregnancy unit to get checked over. They said not to worry too much about it but if it gets heavier tonight to come back in, and I've got an early scan tomorrow morning to check that everything is ok.

angeltattoo Mon 13-Aug-12 18:15:33

Hi Panda,

I've had spotting/bleeding for a week now, am 5 + 5, bloods normal, nothing seen on scan at 5, hopefully because too small, have ankther scan this Thursday.

Brown blood is old, just spotting tends to be fine, hopefully EPU will reassure you but having done a lot of reading, it is ver very common and usually absolutely fine so try not to worry (easier said than done, I know!)

PedanticPanda Mon 13-Aug-12 18:47:57

Thanks Angel, knowing you're ok has made me a bit more relieved. Was the scan an internal one or just a normal ultrasound?

angeltattoo Mon 13-Aug-12 20:57:17

An internal one as not far gone, it was absolutely fine, didn't hurt and wasn't too uncomfortable.

The dr was lovely. Best of luck, with just spotting I'm sure yiu'll be fine


PedanticPanda Tue 14-Aug-12 13:11:29

Im still spotting but I had the scan today, first a normal ultrasound which couldn't see anything very well, and then the internal one. There was a heartbeat which was such a relief and everything looks fine, but the nurse in the epu said that 50% of pregnancies with bleeding miscarry so it will be a nervous few weeks until the 12 week scan!

angeltattoo Tue 14-Aug-12 13:15:10

Great news Panda, really great grin

That means 50% don't...and actually lots of people spot throughout and have healthy babies.

So glad you heard a heartbeat!

PedanticPanda Tue 14-Aug-12 13:20:41

smile thanks for all of the support and advice, it was certainly appreciated thanks

backwardpossom Tue 14-Aug-12 13:36:48

Great news smile

PedanticPanda Wed 15-Aug-12 14:27:19

Things have gotten worse today, I had what seemed like a light period, and in the past hour I've had cramping and passed something. I phoned the epu and told the nurse who's voice instantly changed, they've booked me in for a scan tomorrow morning to have a look, and said I should have someone with me tonight who knows what's happening.

backwardpossom Wed 15-Aug-12 16:59:08

Got everything crossed for you x

PedanticPanda Wed 15-Aug-12 17:14:28

Thanks backward, going by the amount of blood, cramping and what was passed too I think unfortunately I've miscarried. Sorry if I give tmi but I've been bleeding a lot more since earlier on and passing clots too and the cramping has been getting worse too sad

backwardpossom Wed 15-Aug-12 17:19:03

sad Not so good. I miscarried back in May and it's heartbreaking. Take care xx

cosysocks Wed 15-Aug-12 23:25:15

Oh pedantic I'm so sorry for your loss. Had MMC in June, look after yourself and take as much time as you need to get better xxx

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