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HAs anyone been pregnant after BFN on a HPT?

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QuietTiger Mon 28-May-12 09:17:54

This is WAY TMI, BUT...

Long story short, DH and I lost DD1 at 32 weeks to still birth on 22nd Feb. AF came back 4 weeks later, and had a 28 day cycle and AF after that. In 25 years, my AF has been like clockwork, despite having ovarian cysts, operations to remove the cysts and endometriosis.

We have been shagging like rabbits had sex around my ovulation, and I felt what seemed like cramps at around the time of ovulation. Great, thought I - I fully expected a BFP when I tested, but wasn't bothered one way or other as these things can take time. Have been having acupuncture, because I find it helps me relax. Acupuncturist is a fertility specialist/works with IVF couples.

EXCEPT - my AF has gone completely AWOL (and shows no sign of appearing), I am now 10 days late with AF (never been more than a day late in 25 years), Have POAS 4 times and had a BFN each time. Have booked an appointment with the Doc, to get a pregnancy blood test done, but am completely baffled!

Has anyone ever been pregnant but had BFN's?

IgnoringTheChildren Mon 28-May-12 22:08:40

I've experienced similar, however it doesn't have a happy ending...

We'd just started trying for DC2 and I felt pregnant (sore boobs etc) and AF was late but the pregnancy tests kept giving BFNs. I'd done 4 or 5 tests (testing every other dayish) from the day before AF and finally got a very faint positive about 8 or 9 days after AF was due, followed by a BFP the next day.

The delay in getting a positive result could have been due to me ovulating later than I'd thought, however I suspect that it was because all was not well with the pregnancy. I started bleeding at about 8ish weeks and the scan showed that the pregnancy hadn't developed more than a couple of weeks after conception (empty sac), although my hCG levels were about right for my dates (despite not being high enough to give a BFP early on in the pregnancy).

Not sure why I'm sharing really seeing as it's not a positive story, however it is possible to get BFNs while you are pregnant - I found quite a few happier stories by Googling while I was waiting for my BFP. I doubt that it's related to my outcome in any way, however the scan also showed up a large endometrial ovarian cyst (which I had to have removed before we could try again).

I have found that cheaper supermarket own brand tests are more sensitive and gave a BFP at lower hCG levels than the more expensive "digital" tests!

Fingers crossed that you get a BFP and a healthy baby soon.

ItsMyLastOne Mon 28-May-12 22:45:48

Do you know that it's extremely common to have irregular cycles after giving birth? In the year after giving birth I had some 28 days cycles, but usually they were longer, one was 7 weeks late! I didn't manage to breast feed so that can't have been the reason for it.

I do know of quite a lot of people who have got a BFP until 6 or 8 weeks. My friend took a HPT at approx 6 weeks and it was negative. She continued to be pregnant without knowing it and gave birth on Sunday at approx 30 weeks!

So it can happen but only the blood test can confirm it. If that test is negative I'd assume you're just having the same experience of irregular periods after birth as I did.

ItsMyLastOne Mon 28-May-12 22:46:57

people who *haven't got a BFP..

LaMeuf Mon 28-May-12 22:55:57

I got a BFN and then weird, really faint positives with DS. BFN was 3 plus 5, I thought it was 4 weeks but cycles weren't back to normal after having previous DC. I was getting a faint positive by 3 plus 6 on clear blue but the line would disappear completely after an hour or so. I had convinced myself that I was having an ectopic or similar, especially as poas.com or whatever it's called says disappearing positives are not really positives. Anyway, the end result is snoring away in the crib next to me.

Best of luck to you. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Blood test sounds like a good way forward and if your cycles are a bit iffy then acupuncture can be a really good way of sorting them out again. Reflexology is also v relaxing.

QuietTiger Tue 29-May-12 08:18:30

Thanks all. AF still very much AWOL, so am off to Docs tomorrow for a blood test. Hopefully, this is a BFP we're waiting for, but if not we'll have to carry on trying! wink grin

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