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Pain on my right side for 3 days !!

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littleredmonkey Sat 18-Feb-12 21:31:03

Question regarding pain and cramps on my right side. Had it for the last 3 days , keeps being quite painful like period pains and keeps coming and going all day. It hurts if I put some pressure on the right side with my hand. Its only the right side the left is fine. I know I am being a drama queen but 43 baby No.1 and worried. 6 weeks bun in the oven this Sunday .

RandomMess Sat 18-Feb-12 21:32:40

Have you checked the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy?

justanuthermanicmumsday Sat 18-Feb-12 21:35:10

no idea but if you're really worried call into the maternity ward ask for their advice, they may tell u to go in asap for checks, you shouldn't have to wait in a line if u call first. try not to worry about it too much lets be positive most likely its nothing major. takecare,

morethemerrier Sat 18-Feb-12 21:43:03

I had this with this pregnancy (now 33 weeks with DC4) had a scan at 8 weeks, and nothing could be found, a midwife suggested it could be the corpus luteum.

Can't remember what it's job is, maybe search mumsnet but do get checked out for your own piece of mind.

Mine lasted quite a few weeks, pregnancy is as worrying as it is exciting so never think your being a drama queen!

Congratulations btw! grin

Midgetm Sun 19-Feb-12 07:41:34

One sided pain is well worth getting checked out. Like RandomMess says - just check out the symptoms so you know what you are looking for. I had read them so many times that when I got some of them I knew immediately and I think it saved my bacon! One sided pain CAN be a sign of Ectopic and you can't mess with them. It also can be totally normal so thats why it is probably best to get it checked out for your peace of mind. SOme EPU's take emergency referalls at the weekend so if anything worsens I really would get to A&E. I am not trying to fighten you as it could be nothing but if you are worried please get checked out.

littleredmonkey Sun 19-Feb-12 10:33:54

Had a good nights sleep and the pain has gone down quite a bit gone which is good, replaced with feeling a bit green LOVELY. cant be bothered to get out of bed. Other half provided me with tray of breakfast treats. he is a good egg and is in for a long 8 months I fear. Thanks for you thoughts will keep an eye on the pain and wont delay on visiting gp or a&e.

Gingersnap88 Sun 19-Feb-12 11:46:57

Go and get checked out just incase. I had terrible tummy ache, sickness and pain in my right side at 30 weeks- turned out to be appendicitis and I had to have it taken out! Not saying this will happen to you of course, but not worth the risk smile

perplexedpirate Sun 19-Feb-12 11:51:01

I had a pain on my left hand side (just to be different!) everything was fine but always better to get checked so you're not worrying.


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