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why does all my food

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yummicheddars Fri 27-Jan-12 18:46:35

I'm 27+2, and being really put off food. All food. It just tastes so funny and strange. To the point I'm getting my partner to eat things I eat to make sure they taste normal to him. I have even thrown out loads of food thinking its off. Like butter, I can only stand flora, but I have thrown so many brand new tubs out. Even chocolate tastes strange...I suppose the constant heartburn no matter what I do doesn't help. Is it normal though?

LadyMaybe Sat 28-Jan-12 09:07:49

I get a few things like this - am at a similar stage to you, 26 weeks - for me it's tea mostly, sometimes it just tastes fishy, literally, like fish. I did have bad nausea in the first trimester and up to 16 weeks, and also have near constant heartburn. No idea whether it's related, but I can commiserate with you.

yummicheddars Sat 28-Jan-12 17:18:10

Snap, constant heartburn. And snap on the bad nausea in first trimester! Awful. Just don't know what I fancy eating anymore, lack of appetite. And then when I do want something, tastes eww!

lostlenore Sun 29-Jan-12 05:19:37

Everything I eat tastes of washing up liquid. Oh the joys....

wonkylegs Sun 29-Jan-12 05:40:28

I've not been able to touch lamb since I was pregnant - the taste & smell were so wrong during pregnancy now the smell alone just brings back memories of how awful it tasted.

iwantbrie Sun 29-Jan-12 17:06:39

This happened with me but only in the first trimester. Everything tasted of rancid cheese for some reason confused
Now i just get heartburn with everything. Except quavers. I pinched one off my DD the other day & that still tasted of rancid cheese...

JoantheFennel Sun 29-Jan-12 17:08:54

It's a biological thing to protect you from off food. Just eat what you do fancy.

saltyair Sun 29-Jan-12 17:20:23

I am back to only eating cereal and toast sad. Everything else tastes funny and makes me feel sick. it was getting better, after 25 weeks of constant nausea. 32 weeks and it's back. It may be biological, but it is also really fucking stupid a little irritating.

I also seem to have turned into a whining cow wink

NoWayNoHow Sun 29-Jan-12 17:25:38

Just a thought - have you had pine nuts in the last week? "Pine mouth" (from off pine nuts) makes everything taste foul and bitter, so this may not be pregnancy related at all...

As you were! grin

Alligatorpie Sun 29-Jan-12 18:14:32

I have the same problem. I am constantly asking dh to taste things and am throwing out most fruit before I give it to my dd as I think it tastes strange. I hope I get over this soon. It is very boring.

pixiepud Sun 29-Jan-12 19:23:18

Hello, I have just joined smile but seen this and had to reply as i thought i was weird or the only one. I'm in my first/second trimester and it started 2 days ago when i was eating my cereal, it tasted weird, kind of stale... then i ate a toffeecrisp and this again tasted stale, and everything since then that i've eaten has the same stale taste to it, and none of it is stale its all fresh.

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