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Loss of pregnancy symptoms at 10 weeks

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Salhal Tue 29-Nov-11 20:33:17

I have had awful morning sickness for the last few weeks but now I've hit the ten week mark I seem to have suddenly stopped being sick and feel a lot better overall. I'm really paranoid that I've miscarried, should I speak to my midwife or just wait for my scan in two weeks? This is my second baby and last time the sickness went abruptly but after 12 weeks. Reassurance needed!

thefudgeling Tue 29-Nov-11 20:39:56

Hi, this happened to me, and I was so worried that I went to the doctor, who sent me for an early scan. Everything was fine in my case, apparently your body can just get used to the hormones and deal with them a bit better. If you are worried go and ask for an early scan.

All the best.

thefudgeling Tue 29-Nov-11 20:40:56

p.s. I was 8 weeks pregnant when it happened.

LennyGodber Tue 29-Nov-11 20:42:49

No advice but same sort of thing here - I am 12wks and have been feeling better for a few days. Scan not til 14wks so trying not to get too worked up! Thinking back on last time I honestly can't remember but am sure symptoms did subside before the "magic" 12wk mark but I got my scan at 12 last time, so hard to say. Good luck xxx

Salhal Wed 30-Nov-11 19:58:29

Thanks for the replies, strangely enough I felt crap again today so feel a bit more reassured! Crazy I know.

PrincessJellyBaby Wed 30-Nov-11 21:54:17

Salhal. You could have been me posting! I'm 10 weeks today and over the weekend my symptoms disappeared. Went to bed feeling as crap and sick as always, woke up feeling normal. The normality lasted for 4 days, during which I started to stress. However I did learn it's about now the placenta takes over hormone production, and hence the symptoms lessen.

Anyway, today...sick as anything again! Feel reassured, but also now know they come and go. And as if my body wanted to remind me not to complain about lack of symptoms, I was sick in my mouth at work and had to do a crazy dash for the loo!! grin

Good luck with it all, maybe we'll learn to enjoy it soon!

PieMistress Wed 30-Nov-11 22:17:48

Is it something to do with the placenta starting to take over? I think I read that somewhere

0FrillyKnickers0 Wed 30-Nov-11 23:23:21

That's really interesting PrincessJellyBaby!

KatherineCam Thu 01-Dec-11 09:22:14

Yeah, I just had the same experience of disappearing symptoms. I woke up on my 10 weeks morning (today) and felt normal. Boobs are soft and pain free, no tiredness or nausea. I have midwife appointment today hope to hear baby on the dopler. My scan is in almost 3 weeks and hopefully after I can relax and not to freak out about lack of symptoms or weight gain.

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