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Busyalexsmummy Thu 18-Aug-05 17:04:56

Feeling really cr*ppy today, overdid it yesterday-only
a bit of brisk walking for about 15mins but paying for
it big time today.
Am feeling down about the fact the
spd is going to get much worse as this is how i felt
at 32wks with ds, and am currently 26+ wks now :-(
the sciatica is also back and causing horrendous leg
pains and pains down my buttocks. it took me over 2
hrs to get to sleep last night, only to be re-awakened
every time i had to use the loo or turn over :-(

thing is when the
sciactic pain started at 12 wks i went and saw a
chiropractor, she was brill and re-aligned my pelvis,
but as she said it will probably twist back as i have
a 17month old ds who like it or not i inevitably have
to carry occasionally which doesnt help, thing is, i
cant afford £40 a time to keep going to see her,she
wants to see me regulary ie every week or so, but bank
balance cannot stretch that far :-( damm the nhs for
not helping towards this kind of treatment

sorry, just needed to get that off my chest

Enthusia Fri 19-Aug-05 11:11:37

Hiya Busy

Just wanted to offer support! Haven't had and SPD problems yet, but the doing too much and paying for it I can def understand!!!!

As for looking after a 17 month year old as well, I always find that amazing, I have a hard enough time in pg, and this is my first, so have time to myself!!!!!!!

Feel free to keep ranting at us on Nov thread!!!

HelenEmjay Fri 19-Aug-05 16:38:26

BIG HUGE hugs Busyalexsmummy!!! you are obviously feeling really fed-up - understandably! its not fare you should feel like this as the nhs wont help out! i really really really hope you feel better soon and manage to find a way to cope for the next few weeks!
Helen xxxx

champs Fri 19-Aug-05 17:11:47

hiya! sciatica is a nightmare!! esp as when you you try to rest it hurts. lack of sleep and a little child to look after is hard too so it's no wonder that you feel down.

can't believe nhs wont help, can your hosp give you a referal at all?
the only thing i can recomend is using lots of pillows and cushions when you sleep.

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