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Out of breath!

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lovecloud Thu 18-Aug-05 14:45:38

Just spoke to my friend who is 28 weeks pregnant and feeling very breathless.

She said she felt out of breath just speaking to me on the phone and she was sitting down.

She called her gp but they said there are no appointments today but did not say why she needed it.

She said they when she is sitting on her bed and gets up to go to the loo which is near her room, she has to sit down when she gets there.

I do remember feeling out of breath during certain stages of my pregnancy but not like that.

Should she be concerned, i told her that if i was her i would call the gp and ask if they could call her when free so she can tell them exactly how she is feeling, they may even fir her into an emergency app.

Anyone else experienced this?

lovecloud Thu 18-Aug-05 14:47:31

Anyone about to advise???

bubbles2904 Thu 18-Aug-05 14:54:14

i did at about 13 weeks. i had bloods taken and got the results at about 28 weeks. don't know why they took so long but i think my mw thought i was over-reacting. they found i was severly anaemic and put me on iron tablets straight away. this may be what it is. hth

Iklboo Thu 18-Aug-05 14:57:37

I was starting to get really breathless & knackered too about 3 weeks ago. Turned out I was severely anaemic as well and was given iron tablets. Much better now - more energy and not as breathless. Much less of a grumpy cow with DH as well! I'm 29 weeks now.

HandbagAddiction Thu 18-Aug-05 15:04:18

Definitely sounds like anaemia and she should get it sorted out as soon as she can. Not wanting to scare anyone but I had all these symptoms when pregnant with dd and didn't get it checked out. I ended up with severe anaemia and needed a 2 unit blood transfusion after dd was born (and that's after not having normal blood loss associated with dd's arrival). Midwife also told me that a low iron level can affect your chances of having an epidural. Didn;t question her at the time about this was after the event and I hadn't had to have one....but I really think your friend should get checked.

lovecloud Thu 18-Aug-05 15:10:34

Thank you!

I had mental block when speaking to her and that was what i wanted to say might be the problem - her iron levels.

Well i just called her and told her what you all said and the fact that it can reuce your chances of having an epidural is enough to get her onto the go

so she is probably speaking to him as i type..


bubbles2904 Thu 18-Aug-05 15:23:14

no problem lovecloud, hope she's ok and tell her i said congratulations, she's lucky to have a friend like you looking out for her.

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