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Terrible lower back pain at 11 weeks

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daisy20 Thu 18-Aug-05 09:35:35

Has anyone else experienced this so early on, its there nealy all the time as a niggle with sudden shooting pains that root me to the spot for five minutes or so and makes me cry with the pain. The pain starts on the left just above my bottom, towards the centreish, and then shoots downwards (not as far down as the thigh).

Thank you

sweetkitty Thu 18-Aug-05 09:41:11

hi mines isn't in my back but my bum and hips, my tailbones very painful and it radiates out to my hips, it varies in painfulness during the day but is worse if I stay in the one position for too long.

This has started at 15 weeks both times I believe it is sacro iliac pain in that the joints at the back of the pelvis are becoming loose in preparation for childbirth (it's a hormone called relaxin) but sometimes they become too loose causing pain. It would also be SPD which affects the joints at the front of the pelvis I believe.

Or it could just be your womb starting to grow and move everything out the way like stretching pains, I've had these too.

Maybe mention it to your midwife when you next see her but I think aches and pains go hand in hand with pregnancy, sorry !

stacijc Thu 18-Aug-05 09:45:02

sciatica? mention it to MW she will have heard of it before

RedZuleika Thu 18-Aug-05 09:49:48

I don't think the pains do have to go hand in hand with pregnancy - there are ways to alleviate them. I had sacro-iliac pain towards the end of the first trimester too. Shooting pains, primarily on the right side, which reached up my back and down my femur.

I had one session with an osteopath and it was fine afterwards. I anticipated having more and was amazed when he said that might have done it. He also showed me one manoeuvre my husband could do if I got a twinge again.

He thought at that stage that it was too early for the relaxin to be causing the problem - but that the pregnancy might have exacerbated a previous problem (and it was true that I'd had problems with the knee on that side).

I'd say it's worth investigating because you've a long way to go to the birth and if you can't sit comfortably, sleep properly or move in certain directions (as I couldn't), it's going to be fairly hellish.

daisy20 Thu 18-Aug-05 09:55:41

Thank you so much for helping, I'm going to talk to my MW about sciatica, SPD and sacro iliac pain and then find a good osteopath after speaking to her if she thinks it will help.

Thinking about it now it does worsen if I don't move for a while.

I feel much better already having chatted

Take care xxxx

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