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Really embarrasing question...............

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BunnyBoo Mon 15-Aug-05 21:10:54

BUT i need to ask and i can not be bothered to change my name!

I am 17 weeks pregnant and the last couple of days my ermm bottom hurts, I don't know what it is and never had it in last pregnancy but i thought maybe its piles? can anyone shed any light on this for me and what can i use to make it better.

Sorry if TMI

evesmama Mon 15-Aug-05 21:14:46

when i had had dd i felt liike i had shards of glass inside my bum when i did a toilet..told by doc that was piles and was given cream to aherm..insert!

Charlee Mon 15-Aug-05 21:15:30

Plies somtimes itch and bleed a little but there common in pregnancy, sorry im not much use! i never had them. hope someone else can shed some light on it for you.

leahbump Mon 15-Aug-05 21:16:01

(((hugs)))) I am currently 41 weeks pg and have a very sore bum!!

First pregnancy had nothing until after the birth when i thought I was falling to midwife said 'ooo it's just a small pile!!'

Anyway I use anusol cream...but fing the pessaries in combination with the cream far more effective.

don't be too embarressed I know very few women who've had babies who haven't had piles to some degree!!

leahbump Mon 15-Aug-05 21:16:59

buy from boots, tesco, asda etc or ask your dr for a prescription

BunnyBoo Mon 15-Aug-05 21:20:58

oh its horrible and its starting to irrate me now, its not really really bad but it is there and annoying me, i have never had piles so not quite sure but i have read about them and my friend had them very bad.

I will try some cream and if it does not work will go to the doctors ahhhh how embarrasing will he want to look at my bum? lol

Also does it hurt when you go for a number 2 as it did when i last went had to grit my teeth !

leahbump Mon 15-Aug-05 21:30:47

sounds like piles....your dr probably will not want to look at your bum (unless it's really bad- like grapes hanging out ur bum)- your midwife can arrange a prescription (mine did) instead of seeing the dr.

leahbump Mon 15-Aug-05 21:31:12

BunnyBoo Mon 15-Aug-05 21:32:58

ahhhh no what the hell do you mean Grapes lol are you saying this is what they look like i must look for a pic on the net yuuuk!

Oh pregnancy is such a pleasant thing i swam through it last time, this time i think i have had everything going and probably have more to come!

leahbump Mon 15-Aug-05 21:37:47

piles start internally (swollen veins I think) but can protrude out ur bum like lumps....itshing etc internally is a sign of internals....u'd know if you have externals....

OMG I know too much!

BunnyBoo Mon 15-Aug-05 21:39:23


Thanks for the help at least i know what it is now! Can't seem to find a picture and i must inspect my bottom yuuuuk lol thanks again

evesmama Mon 15-Aug-05 21:40:06

i could never see anything..just felt the pain...urgh

leahbump Mon 15-Aug-05 21:40:33

hope you keep on top of the piles......don't get to 41 weeks and be suffering like I am!!

take care

BunnyBoo Mon 15-Aug-05 21:45:23

Thanks leahbump i really hope i don't have them at 41 weeks i am already dreading the point of having to go for a number 2 again. Goodluck to you you obviously have your birth soon hope all goes well and i hope your piles go away

zoezebra Wed 17-Aug-05 20:37:23

Another embarassing question, second pregnancy (37wks) and was wondering if anyone had experienced piles in the vagina . Suffered badly with them in the bottom last time and again this time but did not know that you could get them in the vaginal area. If so, can anyone suggest anything as most creams only mention the anal area for application.

Tumblemum Wed 17-Aug-05 20:41:47

I was in agony with mine and the over the counter products just did not help, mixture of embarassment and belief doctor could not help delayed seeing GP, who gave me suposotories with a small bit of steroid. It was such a relief not to be in fear of going to the loo, please do not suffer in silence see your gp if the over the counter stuff does not help. hope you fell better soon

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