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Give me your morning sickness cures... PLEASE

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Julezboo Mon 28-Jun-10 10:32:52

I am 6+2 today (YAY) but I can't function. I am sick 24/7 and havent been able to keep much down since Friday when the sickness stepped up a gear.

I am however grateful because its a good sign, but we go on holiday on sat and I need to pack and clean etc... At the moment I cant really stand up for too long without feeling dizzy and weak.

I just bought some crackers and lucozade. By the time I had gotten up at 8am and got back from school run at 9:30am I had vomited 4 times !

I am exhausted.

What do you eat, drink or do to help?

Diamondback Mon 28-Jun-10 10:47:10

Have you been to see your GP - it sounds like you may have extreme morning sickness (Hyperemesis) and you can get medication for that.

Otherwise, try to keep your blood sugar up with plenty of fruit, porridge and other slow release sugars. Keep some crackers and lucozade by the bed so you can have a little first thing before you get out of bed (helps some people) and get some 'Sea Bands' from Boots - little wristbands that press on your acupressure points and alleviate the worst of it (good thing eighties fashion is back!).

wahwahwah Mon 28-Jun-10 10:59:00

I ate Hula Hooms (or any salty potato starch snack). Crystalised ginger is supposed to be good. I think acidy fruit juice is bad, but yoghurt is good. This heat does ot help! I also found bending over to tie shoelaces brought up nasty acid, so stuck to slip ons. And eat! I would get ravenous and really feel that I would drop dead if I didn't have something to eat RIGHT NOW, then I would be sick if I didn't.

yellowflowers Mon 28-Jun-10 11:04:52

I think you should go to docs as that sounds really quite bad.

Mine was annoying by the end - three times a day, but nothing like what you describe.

I found sparkling water at the beginning and ginger ale at the end helped a bit.

yellowflowers Mon 28-Jun-10 11:05:06

and nibbling digestive biscuits.

Julezboo Mon 28-Jun-10 11:17:57

I am at the hospital on wed for a scan with consultant so will mention it then. To be honest I am too scared to drive too much so I am staying home....

GoldenGreen Mon 28-Jun-10 11:27:46

If you can't keep down fluids you should definitely get help - you can take medication for hyperemesis and the earlier you start on it the better. I took cyclizine from week 5 to about week 16 and it stopped the vomiting (still felt nauseous until 18 weeks sadly).

PinkElephant73 Mon 28-Jun-10 12:14:56

Agree that seems extreme and see the GP if you are not keeping down fluids.

Sucking boiled sweets or Polo mints and keeping a bottle of chilled water to hand helped me a bit. fizzy water also good.

careful with the lucozade as it contains caffeine.

Smithy1979 Mon 28-Jun-10 12:53:47

I wasn't sick with my morning sickness (or should that be nausea) but fresh ginger grated into boiling water definitely settles the feeling.

I know it doesn't help now but my sickness went almost overnight at 14 weeks (20 weeks now).

I hope you feel better soon.

japhrimel Mon 28-Jun-10 13:16:39

Definitely see the doctor - you should seek medical help for sickness if you're being sick more than twice a day or can't keep food or fluids down.

Rockbird Mon 28-Jun-10 13:19:44

Full sugar lemonade and thick chocolate milk were the only things that worked for me. Ginger was useless and even now I can't look at a ginger snap.

Hope you find something that works, it's miserable.

RunningOutOfIdeas Mon 28-Jun-10 13:24:05

I kept a pack of ginger biscuits by the bed. Eating two biscuits in the morning before even sitting up made a big difference for me.

Julezboo Mon 28-Jun-10 13:44:15

Thanks all,

tried ginger, preggy pops, I drink a lot of lemonade anyway, although diet so may swtich see if it helps.

I have spent the day munching on crackers and starburst blush the sicky feeling is still there but its been 2 hours since i threw up. The lucozade is helping too.

Reluctant to go to gp as she is useless...

MumNWLondon Mon 28-Jun-10 13:47:47

try either morningwell or natal hypnotherapy... but for severe MS you need to see GP

haoshiji Mon 28-Jun-10 14:06:37

Vitamin B complex worked a treat for me. B6 I think was the key one. You don't want it too strong but it saved me in the early stages.

ChickenInABasket Mon 28-Jun-10 14:11:46

No need to suffer, there is safe medication for hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) so go and see your gp!

cinnamongreyhound Mon 28-Jun-10 14:14:58

The best thing I found was toast, also eating every 1-2hrs and fizzy drinks helped at times.

The only total cure I have found is to not get pregnant in the first place wink

haoshiji Mon 28-Jun-10 15:06:25

Seriously vitamin b6 cleared up my morning sickness straight away and I never looked back. I think you can get it from Avocados but I found I had to take a liquid b6 for a couple of days first. Worked well after one day. I did forget to take it once and the sickness came back, took the b6 and it went away. May not work for everyone but it did for me. I was wary about peppermint and ginger in the very early stages due to the MC warnings on their oil content (along with lavender etc.).

Anyhooo, it might be worth you trying if you can’t shake the sickness.

Julezboo Mon 28-Jun-10 15:20:19

I will ask Cons on Wed, I am taking a lot of medications already this time so bit wary about taking any more.

crackers have helped a lot today. Just read elsewhere that salt and vinager crisps help as well so will get some of those on teh way from picking DH up

Julezboo Mon 28-Jun-10 15:59:14

I just ordered some lillipops

oldmum42 Mon 28-Jun-10 17:19:44

try low fat protein snacks (lean meat, cottage cheese), this works a lot better than carb foods for some women (including me!), or if you are eating more carb foods, go wholegrain/brown as this keeps blood sugar more even and should lead to less sickness too.

Hermya321 Mon 28-Jun-10 18:38:32

Bottle Green Lemongrass and Ginger Cordial helped me stave off of some of the nausea.

vanloadtovenice Mon 28-Jun-10 18:58:29

To put this simply: if you have normal morning sickness, dietary measures will help. If you have hyperemisis, they will not. The obvious way to distinguish is that nothing helps, and you are probably struggling to keep even water down.

GP's are often useless with hyperemisis, as most women end up in hospital being managed from there. If you are already booked in to see the consultant, that is perfect. If she thinks it is HG, get her to put you on ondansetron -it's the most expensive drug but really does work. I found omeprazole very useful for acid reflux too.

I only wish someone had told me what to do for my first two pregnancies, instead I lost 2 stone, my teeth fell apart, my hair fell out, and my spine disintegrated. So yes, with hindsight, although medication in pregnancy would never be any mother's first choice, with hyperemisis it is pretty necessary.

Good luck, you may have to fight a bit to get the right drugs, but it will be worth it and save you from an utterly mis pregnancy.

anonMum2 Mon 28-Jun-10 19:58:02

Agree with others. If it continues like that then it's hyperemesis and needs to be treated. I resisted medication with my first one, whereby I was sick from week6 and threw up constantly, and doctors were useless and just kept sending me home. I finally collapsed at around 11 weeks, medication was useless to me at that point as I was so thin and weak I just threw every medication up. Been in and out of hospital since. Till today I suffer from loads of health issues, people must think I'm such a miserable old sick person now(as I am always ill and going to hospital) and I can't believe I'm supposed to be a young healthy person!

My pregnancy this time thankfully is slightly different, although I have nausea all the time, I only throw up every other day ATM and can still keep food/water down. Gaviscon and various other indigestion tips have helped my indigestion which has lessen my sickness thanks to other MNetters advise, Marks & Spencer choc ginger biscuits help as does having egg with bread every morning. I'm only 8 weeks so perhaps the worse is yet to come for me but I am really hoping this will be the pattern the next few weeks and that it'll end soon.

Wishing you the same that it won't last or that your body will adjust to the hormones and you'll feel a lot better soon!

lucybrad Tue 29-Jun-10 09:50:05

i took holland and barrett ginger capsules 550mg twice a day. I seemed loads better after 24hours. I also bought B6 at the smae time, to use if ginger didnt work - but i didnt need to use it. I also had meds off the doc but i didnt use them either as the ginger worked. strange but true. I think the dose in the capsules is massive compared to what you would get in a biscuit etc.

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