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V Strange Pregnancy - Blighted Ovum/Threatening Miscarriage/Small Gestational Sack

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Audra Mon 15-Aug-05 14:37:27

Is this familiar to anyone? 7 weeks saturday gone and no heart beat, doctors have said for two weeks I will miscarry but it hasn't happened. The gestational sack continues to grow but is small for dates. Dr thinks I have dates wrong but they are absolutely 100% spot on. I came up with Blighted Ovum theory myself. Having scans weekly but getting no answers.

Lexie100 Mon 15-Aug-05 17:35:32

i'm afraid i can't help but wish you luck and will be thinking of you.

Twiglett Mon 15-Aug-05 17:38:14

my sister had a blighted ovum - unfortunately she had all the symptoms of actually being pregnant without actually being pregnant and she 'miscarried' .. but I don't know enough to know if the sack continues to grow or not so sorry can't be much help here

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