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baby bump names

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cowbell Sat 26-Jun-10 16:59:01

What do people call their bumps? Just heard from a friend that they called theirs snowdrop. Often hear of peanut, pumpkin etc but wondered if there were others?

Jacksmybaby Sat 26-Jun-10 17:19:04


DS (when in utero) was Bob. From a 6 week scan when he was just a blob on the screen, hence Bob the blob.

NETTEYJC Sat 26-Jun-10 18:23:45

My nephews have come up with a name for mine, they are quite jealous that I am pregnant as they have always been the apple of my eye so have decided to call my baby evil cousin Mortimer out of Basil Brush! The name mortimer has just stuck now, even though i'm having a girl!!

skihorse Sat 26-Jun-10 18:26:19

Julian. The worst name we could possibly think of to name a child! grin

CardiCorgi Sat 26-Jun-10 18:49:03

Egbert. We think it´s even worse than Julian wink

AbiAbi Sat 26-Jun-10 18:52:57

Pip- as when we first saw them at 5+5 during a scan the monographer said the entire sac was the size of an orange pip and it just stuck.

PaulineCampbellJones Sat 26-Jun-10 18:54:30

Cherry. My GP is a very cheerful Egyptian man and told me my baby was the size of a cherry when he confirmed my pregnancy. He was so happy and booming when he said it the name stuck.

Chelle1986 Sat 26-Jun-10 19:00:06

I just call him baba when I'm talking to him to be honest! My friend at work takes great pleasure in calling him Colin. Lol. YUCK!

lovechoc Sat 26-Jun-10 20:04:06


pipinmybelly Sat 26-Jun-10 21:05:25

abi look at my name!! our not so pip sized baby in utero is called pip coz we found out when he was the size of an apple pip!! am now 35+2 weeks and no where near the size of a pip!!

boodleboot Sat 26-Jun-10 21:34:31

i gave dh a card from the bub on fathers day that said to my big old daddabesr from ur babybear and that seems to have cute

AhickeyfromKenickie Sat 26-Jun-10 22:26:39

Before I knew I was having a boy, we called my bump "Ducky" because on the dating scan photo it looked like he had a beak instead of a face... very relieved to find out at 20 week scan I was in fact carrying a human child and not a duck...

AnaYorks Sun 27-Jun-10 09:26:20

Pip seems to be a popular choice - that's what our little one has been temporarily named.

chickieno1 Sun 27-Jun-10 12:49:37

I ve another babybear here! My sister named it when I was about 13 weeks smile

AmeliaEarhart Sun 27-Jun-10 13:20:01

Bean here. Not terribly original I know. We were going through the foodstuffs according to the embryo's size, referring to it as the sesame seed, the peppercorn, the pip etc, and when we got to "the bean" it just stuck. If we'd kept going he /she would be "the marrow" by now.

Miffster Sun 27-Jun-10 13:52:52

Tiny Clanger

merlin8878 Sun 27-Jun-10 15:03:30

Another 'Bean'!

DD1 was just 'Bump' or 'Bumpy'.

DD2 was 'Flump'.

TheNextMrsDepp Sun 27-Jun-10 15:10:47

We called ours Finbar, and then wound my mum up something rotten saying we'd call the baby that (we didn't).

But I had a friend who called her bump "Stan", originally as a joke, but when she had a boy she ended up calling him that, as she couldn't bear to part with the name she'd used for 9 months!

VirtualPA Sun 27-Jun-10 17:17:03

someone I knew called it 'nugget' I found that strange as I couldn't help thinking of chicken and my sister thought of poo!

xMrsSx Sun 27-Jun-10 20:42:25

giblet grin

oooggs Sun 27-Jun-10 20:46:48

ds1 was junior (because of sonographer)

dts (dd & ds2) were washy & boshy - named by ds1

ds3 I have no idea and it wasn't that long go blush

JennyPiccolo Sun 27-Jun-10 20:50:40

mine is Pickle.

hippopo Sun 27-Jun-10 21:40:26

After our 20 week scan when we found out he wasa a buy we have named ours el nino - spanish for little boy. it is also nickname of DH fave footie player at moment - Fernando Torres.

All the grandparents to be also call him el nino. I reckon that will be his nickname for many years to come!

aendr Sun 27-Jun-10 21:52:02

We called DS's bump "lump" (extended to wriggle-lump, grump-a-lump, sleepy-lump, smelly-lump etc once he was out) and our DD-to-be is Wriglet.

My in-laws kept calling DS-to-be-at-the-time "baba" which reminds me of Baba Yaga - a nasty witch in Slavic folklore - so I asked them to stop, explaining the connection was very negative for me. They understood and stopped (at least in front of me.) Given they still occasionally call my husband "bubba" - their nickname for him when he was a bump - I wanted to head off that kind of habit forming.

nattiecake Sun 27-Jun-10 22:00:06

mine was prawn to start with, cause he looked like a prawn, and now we call him boris (boris the bump)

apart from when me or daddy talk to him, then we call him baba. don't want him thinking his name IS boris, lol!!

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