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Labyrinthitis? help!

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luckykitty Tue 22-Jun-10 17:41:04

Hi everyone, Im after some advice and possibly some sympathy too!

Yesterday I started feeling really dizzy and nearly fainted, this went on for the rest of the day and I was quite concerned, same thing has happened today so I went to see my GP who says I have an inner ear problem called Labyrinthitis hmm
He hasnt given me anything to treat it with but signed me off work for a week with vertigo and told me to do as little as possible - which is fine by me but if anyone has any tips I would reallllly appreciate them as I didnt think I could feel any worse but apparently it is possible confused

Hope everyone is feeling less dizzy than me x

oldmum42 Tue 22-Jun-10 18:08:03

I have inner ear problems, and have episodes of a similar nature - it goes after a few days, usually starts when I have a cold/virus.

If you also feel sick, ask for some Buccastem, they taste bloody awful, and you have to let them disolve between your teeth and gums, but it gets rid of the nausea.

Try to avoid bending over (ie to pick something up off the floor) as this will make it worse - and lie down/get up slowly for the same reason.

It's likely to be caused by a virus in the inner ear, so no meds for that, but if it doesn't resolve fully within a week, go back to the GP in case it's a longer term problem such as Meniers (sp?) which can cause regular attacks, or some other inner ear problem.

Hope you're better soon!

lostlilly Tue 22-Jun-10 18:10:42

I had this last year and it was terrifying, rooms spinning around and I everytime I got up i wanted to throw up, I was bed bound for 2 days and not allowed to drive, there is some medication they can give you and they gave it to me but I didnt take it in the end. i wore off after a couple of days but the vertigo was horrible

luckykitty Tue 22-Jun-10 18:15:13

Thank you oldmum42! I tried to google it but couldnt really find anything constructive that was also pregnancy related so Im really grateful for the insight.
Im not sure if I feel sick as in morning sickness or dizzy sickness as Ive spent the last couple of weeks feeling bad with MS, I'll see how it goes, Im 12 weeks so hopefully it will get a bit more managable soon!
I hope youre doing ok smile

oldmum42 Tue 22-Jun-10 18:28:54

I'm fine thanks luckykitty!
If the sickness is off the ear problem, you would more likely get lurching sudden waves of it (ime anyway)that ties in with the worst dizzy feelings and/or moving your head around too much.

But I suppose kind of hard to tell that from bad morning sickness! At 12 weeks that should start to be less of a problem for you (usually).

Maybe they couldn't give you Buccastem tablets while pregnant, but worth asking if you develop worse symptoms. Expect to be feeling better in a day or two tho', unless you are very unlucky with it.

luckykitty Tue 22-Jun-10 18:44:24

sounds like me lostlilly I do feel better for doing nothing for the last few hours though, hopefully bed will do the trick.
Thanks so much to both of you x

fragola Tue 22-Jun-10 20:12:21

I had it after a bout of flu when I was pregnant the last time. I really sympathise, it's awful isn't it.

The only thing that I did was lie in bed and tried to move as little as possible.

Good luck with it x

dublinmom Tue 22-Jun-10 23:02:39

I had it (but not when I was pregnant) and the dr. told me not to spend longer than a day or so in bed -- lying down makes the fluid in the inner ear all crazy and can prolong the dizziness.

Keep resting but try to sit up if possible (miserable I know).

Hope you feel better soon.

hellymelly Tue 22-Jun-10 23:07:35

I've had it and it is horrible,mine lasted months and months but although initially diagnosed as viral labyrinthitis ,then benign positional vertigo,eventually came down to some issues with my neck,and after a few osteopathic sessions I was much better.

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